Your No-Fail Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Two weeks ago most of you came back from the Thanksgivukkah holiday excited for this crazy, magical, and busy time of year…and I came back with the flu.

I was completely surprised as I’m not one to get sick very often. As I was recuperating, spending plenty of time in bed (i.e., missing deadlines, going quiet on social media, and stressing about blog posts), I realized something: Being a solopreneur during the holidays means I have to be prepared for anything because the world keeps on going, whether I’m ready for it or not!

With this in mind, I decided that in the 3 weeks I had left to prepare for my Christmas holiday I would make a few changes. I wanted to enjoy my holiday without fearing that my “downtime” might wreak havoc on my business.

These changes didn’t take me 3 weeks to complete, though — more like only 3 days — and now I’m fully prepared for whatever this holiday brings! In the spirit of giving, I’d like to share the 5 easy changes I implemented that are guaranteed to make being an entrepreneur during the holidays a heck of a lot easier for you, too!

1. Pre-schedule all of your blog posts and social media. It’s possible to have a full editorial calendar during the holidays without hovering over your laptop on December 24th. Use programs like Hootsuite to schedule everything ahead of time. This free site allows you to write Twitter and Facebook posts then schedule them to be published at a future date. You can create an active social media presence for the next 10 days in about an hour. Set it and forget it; it’s the crock pot of social media!

2. Be prepared for exhaustion or sickness post holidays. You’re seeing a lot of people, eating foods you don’t normally eat, and likely sleeping less. If you’re lucky you’ll come out of the holidays unscathed, but feeling tired or getting sick is likely. So while you’re writing posts and scheduling social media add in a 3-4 day buffer after you return “just in case.”

It may seem like a lot of extra work up front, but if you can manage to write your blog posts now and schedule them for later, the week you return will be so much easier.

3. Be ready to talk about your business and your upcoming projects to Grandma Judy who doesn’t know what Wi-Fi is much less online marketing. Have a few versions prepared ahead of time. You may end up talking to your aunt for an hour about an upcoming project or only manage to get a couple sentences in before your niece interrupts you and the topic never comes up again.

If you’re stuck, check out Kate’s guide on how to explain what you do or Alexandra Franzen’s great exercise for how to describe your delightful new project. I’ve used both successfully a number of times.

If you’re not prepared just pretend you are describing it to your young niece and leave out all the technical jargon. Keep it simple.

4. Bring business cards and bring enough! Although a family get-together isn’t the time to pass out cards to each person, one individual may ask. So when your aunt is interested in your upcoming workshop and “has a friend who would just love it,” give her two.

5. Unplug and enjoy! This is your holiday and it should feel that way. If you’ve done the extra work and set up your systems ahead of time you shouldn’t have to do anything but enjoy your family and the eggnog. A quick check of email over morning coffee will ensure everything is running smoothly. If you want to keep up with blog comments grab the WordPress app (or something similar) for quick replies during breakfast. Then put your device away and relax.

With a little bit of prep and planning being an entrepreneur during the holidays can be smooth and easy.

Now I want to hear from you, please share in the comments below:

  • Which one of these changes are you going to start with and how?
  • Do you have any unique ways you prepare your business for the holidays?


As an author, speaker and lifestyle designer Katie Lee teaches real-life tips to women who are seeking an easier everyday lifestyle while pursuing their bigger-than-life dreams. In her new book The Effortless Everyday she shares her method for crafting a daily life that frees you up to do whatever you want while still getting everything done. See how she personally does it and connect with her on Instagram @heykatielee.

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5 thoughts on “Your No-Fail Guide to Surviving the Holidays

  1. Katie Lee,
    What a great post. I have some many balls in the air right now, I am trying to get all my blog posts for the next two weeks written and scheduled. We will be out of town all next week and I don’t want to worry about working when I want to be spending time with my family.

    Question for you, I am not sure how to schedule a posting about new blog post before they’re published through Hootsuite. Is there a way to do this? It would greatly help me with my social media effort.

  2. Thanks for the great question Diana. You can grab your URL of your pre-scheduled post and add it to Hootsuite even though it’s not published yet. However when creating Facebook posts it will not grab the preview image because Facebook can’t read it yet. You’ll need to upload an image directly to Hootsuite if you’d like an image to accompany your link. I hope this helps!

  3. Katie, I love the advice you give about being prepared for questions about what you do. I’m always surprised by the looks I get! So many people think I’m a lawyer or something. (When they hear “copywriting” they think of “copyright law.”) I’ve heard recommendations to use humor, like: “You know all those websites you see on the internet?” And when the person says of course they do, respond with, “I write those!” I’ve never tried that, though. 😉

    Glad you were able to recuperate! Happy holidays!

  4. That’s great Adrianne! I think in your case a little humor could go a long way. Most people outside of your world do not know the word copywriting so I would definitely suggest thinking about how you would explain it to a 4th grader. No tech jargon for you. The cool part is you have the opportunity to educate people right from the start, because they don’t have any preconceived notions of your work. Good luck!

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