Would You Follow You?

It is common when people here the word, “leader” to associate it with things like title, position, money, achievement, power.

While these generalizations to the concept of leadership may be a way at looking at the concept of leadership, it is not the lens that will help us to see the true meaning of the word.

My belief is that we are all leaders of our own journey.

We have been appointed leaders of our own personal corporation to take care of and maximize our potential in this life.

The reality is…we overlook the most important leadership position of all.

The position of managing our own behavior, thoughts and actions so that we can lead ourselves in the direction we envision for our life.

With the twists and turns of life, it is not uncommon to lose sight that we are responsible for leading our own journey.

The role of mentors, guides, friends and family is to be there for support, assistance, be a sounding board.

These individuals may know us very well, but they don’t actually walk in our shoes everyday.


Therefore, waiting on someone to tell us where to go, who to be and how to get there…

Is a path..

A path that will take you somewhere.

But, will it be where and what you want for your life.

As a leader,

You get to choose.

Leadership is about advocacy.

An unwavering belief in you and your vision.

Leadership is a responsibility….a BIG responsibility that only you can own and execute.

It is about standing up for what you believe, even when you might be the only one standing… because you know it is the right thing to do.

Leadership is taking action to make things happen…even when you may not know the way.

The essence of leadership knows you will get knocked down and makes the conscious choice to walk through fear with blazing courage to go for it anyway.

Leadership is being mentally, emotionally and physically prepared to pick yourself up, dust off, learn your lessons and be better because of your experience.

Leadership is the art, will and care to invest in building the talent for tomorrow, with the most significant investment being in your own personal growth and development.

As humans, we all look to each other…

To compare.




Aspire to Be.

We may say things like,

“He’s better.”

“She’s better.”

“I am better.”

“I am not good enough.”

The story goes on and on…

The awesome part is that there is only one leader has full control and power over what is written in the story of your life…YOU.

You have the power to write this story.

Just the way you want it to be written.

Leaders make a choice on what will end up on the pages of their book.

The choices are constant..

Minute after minute.

Hour after hour.

Leadership is presence in the moment.

Connection to the experience.

A willingness to want and believe something different can happen in your story.

You are a leader.

A leader of your own life.


Whether you realize it or not, you are leading yourself and influencing those around you.

To someplace.

Creating a story.

Being an example.

Living a vision…

The questions are:

Whose vision are you living?

Are you happy with the story you are writing?


If you were an employee in the corporation of your life…

Would you follow you?

To Growth and Purpose,


© 2013 Jodi Ashbrook

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1 thought on “Would You Follow You?

  1. Jodi, as I read your post it made me think about what my parents told me as I was growing up, “would you hire you?” if you can not honestly say yes, it is time to change. This question came to me many times in my career, it was a motivator and a rule of standard to walk with. Thank you for reminding us that our behavior speaks loudly, so make sure it is saying what you want your life to represent. You are an agent of living in the land of no regrets!

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