How To Beat Cabin Fever When Working From Home

The majority of entrepreneurs are the sole employee at their company, and work from a home office. Sound familiar? If it does you may have experience with what I talk about in today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV —feeling trapped or “cabin feverish” from living and working in the same place.

She Takes on the World HQ is an office in my condo, and it has taken some time to figure out how to make working from home work for me.

I think it’s really important to set some boundaries when you work from home. I know all too well how quickly that cabin fever feeling can come on. So in today’s episode I’m talking about how to maximize your productivity and stay happy as a work from home entrepreneur. Check it out:

If you work from home you probably have some great advice to share about creating boundaries, and perhaps some lessons you’ve learned the hard way. In a comment below I’d love to hear how you manage your personal life and work life all being played out in the same environment.

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4 thoughts on “How To Beat Cabin Fever When Working From Home

  1. Great tips Natalie I’m currently working on making my office a great place to work having only just moved into it from another area of my home 🙂

    I find music always helps me when I’m working especially if I’m working on a large project as I provide online support services to clients all over the world and hence in different time zones so, breaking up my day is essential.

    Keep rocking it Natalie as I so look forward to seeing your blog posts drop into my inbox!

    Have an awesome day ~ Tracy

  2. Thanks Natalie for the great posts and keeping us focused and on track! Cabin fever isn’t just for entrepreneurs, but for many of us that are seeking new career opportunities / in transition as well. It’s all to easy to fall victim to unclear goals or goals that are not calendared. When I worked from home for a year sometime ago, I found I was neglecting my personal life. The office was, after all right there, and if I woke up at 3am with a great idea, I had to pursue it. I found that my creativity was not always best 8-5 and I learned to work with it naturally and not fight it. Key is to budget balanced time for work/personal.

  3. Join community groups. Organizations such as Rotary or the local Chamber of Commerce offer committee work, luncheon and breakfast meetings that allow you to get out of the house while networking at the same time.

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