How to Work a Half Day Like a Boss

Every now and then in the office, the workday will be cut in half for a half day of work which is both a blessing and curse in disguise. It’s always great to be able to leave work a little early to enjoy the rest of the day but at the same time all of the everything you planned to do in eight hours now gets reduced to four… yikes! There are plenty of tips available to keep you from hauling through your work load like a chicken with its head cut off and here are a couple of mine.

Don’t Stress

Take a deep breath and write down everything you need to do that day (not tomorrow or next week but that particular day) and organize the list with the biggest priority projects at the top. Work your way down from there and devote a fair amount of attention to each task. If you know you have a project that takes much more time to do, reschedule working on it post-half day at work so you can accomplish items that are due that day.

Answer Your Emails

Don’t use the half day as an excuse to not wrap up an email exchange or leave your inbox cluttered. Mention in emails to those you’re writing to that you will be out of the office later on and if you know you won’t be able to reply to them, suggest catching up on the rest of the conversation when you return.

Acknowledge Your Day

You probably won’t get everything done and that’s okay! Nobody is expecting you to be constantly glued to your email either – taking a break is a great refresher for your mind and returning back you’ll already know exactly what to work on, thanks to that list you made earlier!

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