Yes WIE Can – How to Start Your Path to Success

On September 18 and 19, 2011, I had the opportunity to attend the 2nd annual Women Inspiration Enterprise Symposium in New York City. Both days were full of encouraging stories and discussions from some of the world’s most prominent women figures in business, government and the social sectors. From the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship to finding inner balance to achieve your visions, the WIE Symposium was a catalyst of female strength and compassion.

As an attendee of such a life-enhancing experience, I would like to share with you some of the valuable lessons that I learned. After all, a little inspiration goes a long way.

Manage Your Energy Effectively

Part of what happens when we do what we love is that we easily loose ourselves. Constant communication and increasing demands from work and family creates constant pressure to be more and do more. Always remember your unique voice and ask yourself, “What could I be doing more of, what could I be doing less of?” Daily meditation expands your capacity, allowing you to accomplish more tasks with ease. Can’t find time to lay out the yoga mat? A quick trick: try deep breathing at your desk, in the subway, in the car, hey-even the shower.

As women, we have the natural tendency to put others before ourselves. Nurturing is in our genes, we can’t help it. However, we must learn to put ourselves first and stop apologizing for, well, actions that don’t need apologizing. How can we get to the top if we aren’t at the top of our own lives? Remember that your fears and confusions are triggered by your ego taking over. Turn down the voice that’s dragging you down in your mind and instead, listen your inner voice. More inner balance = more outer balance.

Together We are One

A main culprit for the lack of females in leadership positions is the lack of guidance and support by our counterparts. Mentorship is the key to opening the door to the future. In order to shrink the gender equality gap, there must be greater guidance in all stages of our careers.

Take advantage of the plethora of resources on the internet for support. WIE speaker Gabrielle Bernstein created the social networking site, Her Future, for young women to find mentors. You too can be apart of this growing conversation by joining the WIE Network.

Put the energy out there. Guidance will come to those who seek.

Collaboration is the New Power Model

New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand led the discussion Getting Women off the Sidelines in Business and Public Life and proved a valid point: When women lead, the results are positive for the world, not just for women. Our natural tendency to nurture paired with our deep capacity for compassion (we also inherited strong capabilities to tap into intuition) can reap positive benefits if applied in the business. We need to show the world that through sharing- we can have power. But first, let’s redefine what power means, collectively.

The Answer Lies Within

All feelings that we experience are just thoughts attached to energy that resides in the body. Tapping into your intuition is a valuable advantage that will guide you on your purpose. Pat Mitchell, CEO of The Paley Center for Media, said that she would tell her 20-year old self, “Know that you have something to say and say it!” She the then shared one of her grandmother’s favorite quotes, “Don’t worry about falling on your face, at least it’s a forward movement.” Tamara Mellon, Founder of Jimmy Choo, was asked the same question and replied, “If I could go back 20 years, I’d never underestimate myself. Intuition is the most important thing we have.”

When you make a commitment, the world will conspire to help you. We all have unlimited potential.

In Conclusion

We are at a cusp of history and you can be apart of the change through the empowerment of yourself paired with a thirst to learn. “Be ready. Be disruptive. Know your power. Your success will lift up so many others,” says Nancy Pelosi.

We all nodded our heads. You can too.

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3 thoughts on “Yes WIE Can – How to Start Your Path to Success

  1. Love your use of title line. Natalie MacNeil and I used it for Women Entrepreneurs ( with Yes WE Can, and as a mentoring program to get women supporting each other and holding each other accountable to dream big and make it a reality, I completely agree. There’s more of this needed. More risk taking. More big picture thinking and at the same time more balance and celebration of our amazing successes.

  2. Thanks Natalie! You’re right. It would be great if there was more mention in the mainstream media on the inspirational initiatives that are going on (both local and global) that exemplify a model of collaboration. That’s what young girls need: inspiration and a better understanding of how it’s done.

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