Why You Need To Connect To Your Inner Child

Natalie MacNeil talks about connecting with your inner child

Today we’re going to talk about connecting with your inner child…

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid?

To daydream? To imagine yourself in incredible scenarios of heroism, success, and love without hesitation?

What if I told you that thinking like a kid could actually make you more successful?

I shot today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV a little while ago, and I teased a pic of my outfit on Instagram. I know how excited some of you have been to finally see me in my spacesuit! We’re going to talk about how reconnecting with your inner child and the dreams you had can contribute so much to your success as an entrepreneur.

Apparently this topic is big in the ethers right now because my friend Danielle LaPorte just wrote about this too. I’ll also share:

  • My out-of-this-world story of what I wanted to be when I grew up (hint: check out what I’m wearing in this video)
  • How Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can help clear the blocks from childhood pain and clear the path to success
  • Why I believe we all need more time for play!


As entrepreneurs, reconnecting with our inner child and the dreams we had is an essential part of loving the work we do, and innovating. (Click to tweet)

When you’re a kid, things you show interest in, or really, really love are the things you need to pay attention to. They’re a part of your overall purpose on the planet.

In May, I had a chance to reconnect with my inner child while visiting The Conquer Academy we helped build in Tanzania with profits from The Conquer Club. Spending time with all the children there was soul-nourishing and totally life-changing. I have over a hundred new reasons why I do what I do, and it’s my mission to make sure they have every opportunity to achieve their dreams.

There’s a lot more work we need to do, and I want to invite you to be part of all of it.  

I’m thrilled that we’re partnered with The Freedom Project this month to raise money for a sustainable food program for the students of The Conquer Academy. When you support the campaign by buying a shirt, we’ll also be giving you media exposure for your business! Scroll down for more details.

Natalie MacNeil at The Conquer Academy

One of the next issues we need to tackle at the school is ensuring every student is nourished with healthy food each day. The only way we can ensure adequate nutrition is by feeding the students while they are in our care at school.

For the next 3 weeks, The Freedom Project is donating 100% of its profits from Freedom Shirts to The Conquer Academy, with a goal of raising $5,000. Everyone who buys a shirt also has an opportunity to be featured on The Freedom Project’s social media, and we’ll be resharing too.

How can you participate?

  1. Click here to buy your #TheFreedomProject t-shirt
  2. The Freedom Project will share you, your business, and your Freedom Story on social media (and we’ll be doing a bunch of resharing, promoting your business, too!)
  3. You’ll help us raise funds for the Food Program

Natalie MacNeil at The Conquer Academy

I hope you’ll join me in helping the children of The Conquer Academy to realize their dreams. And in the spirit of this post, be sure to go out and play this week! Do something your inner child would go absolutely nuts for, and have a blast!

Feel free to share your plans in a comment below. How are YOU going to be more childlike this week?

Reawaken that spark, touch base with your inner child, and honor the dreamer you once were, too.

Hugs and gratitude,

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5 thoughts on “Why You Need To Connect To Your Inner Child

  1. Natalie I LOVED your video today about reconnecting to our inner child. I always wanted to go to the NASA Space Academy (so cool you got to do it), totally dreamed about being an astronaut as a child. I think my biggest takeaway from this video is bringing play back into life to be creative and limitless. Thanks smile emoticon

    1. It was seriously one of the coolest things, and something I’ll always remember – as you can probably tell from this video! Maybe you’ll join me on a Virgin Galactic trip into space 😉

  2. HI Natalie

    This was so timely! I have been keeping a dream journal and 2 nights ago I dreamt I was in a play park while watching my friends running laps around the park. I was the one running up the side of the climbing equipment and doing backflips (there were also 2 monkeys sitting on the equipment) ! I think if I attempted that in reality I would tear numerous things but it certainly was a message to me that I need to monkey about a lot more in my own life which I have not been doing!

    Ideas for how I will play this week? Well, I think I will join my kids on the trampoline next time they are on it instead of watching from the sidelines. I might also engage in some messy art play with no desired outcome!

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