Perfection Doesn’t Make You Better, It Just Spins Your Wheels

You know what?

This moment of starting something new is an ideal moment to spin wheels and … do nothing.

What will they think?  Will they like what I write?

I need to find the perfect topic that will blow everyone away.

Or they’ll think I’m boring and that I’ve got nothing of value to say.


Does this happen to you sometimes too?

We want to start our business but we believe we need to have found our perfect niche first. So we keep going back and forth in our mind, working hard to pinpoint the perfect audience without actually putting something out there.

We want to create that class but we believe we need to have the perfect website first. So we work hard to nail our online presence, working hard on the nitty gritty details of our site, without creating that valuable content that will make people rave about us.

We want to reach out to peers to collaborate but we believe we need to have the perfect business first. So we keep working hard, believing we’re not ready yet, perfecting our skills and expertise in our own little corner, without ever truly expanding our reach, skills and expertise.


The truth is, we’ll never reach the perfection we’re after.

We all figure it out as we go.

We learn, adjust, expand our reach and skills as we go.

We get clarity on our style, our message, our voice as we go.

Perfection doesn’t exist.

Perfection is not what we are waiting for.

We are waiting for you.

So go out, do something.

Just start somewhere.

Give it your all. Do the best you can with what you know and where you’re at right now.

Define your niche based on what you know right now and start putting yourself out there, even though you got a few blanks, questions or doubts.  You’ll get the clarity you’re after from interacting with your audience.

Pour yourself into creating that “best with what you’ve got” content and start putting it out there.  And you’ll see what works and what doesn’t, what gaps need to be filled, what needs to be adjusted and what needs to get more attention.  And you’ll expand your skill and expertise as you go.

Show yourself.  Value what you put out there and what you’ve got, even though there’s still things that could be improved.  There’s always things that can be improved.  Seeing what works and what doesn’t is part of running and growing a business.


Seeing what works and what doesn’t is part of life, for all of us.

That’s how we connect with our style, our voice, our message.

Imperfect step by imperfect step.

That’s how we find a way of running and growing our business that’s just right for us.

Imperfect action by imperfect action.

That’s how we create the life that makes our heart sing and soul soar.

And that’s just perfect.


Where are you holding yourself back because you believe you’re not ready yet, and need to be a little more perfect before you put yourself out there?


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3 thoughts on “Perfection Doesn’t Make You Better, It Just Spins Your Wheels

  1. You have really inspired me, An! I especially love what you have to offer on your website’s empowering articles. Thank you so much!

  2. Excellent post! I just wrote about the need to be perfect…or rather letting that go…a few days ago. When we push ourselves to constantly strive for perfectionism we just add unneeded stress to our lives. And, we keep from sharing our inner light with the world. Others need to know it is okay to not be perfect! Let’s set an example of being perfectly imperfect 🙂

    Honoring you,
    Janelle – The Barefoot Soul Mentor

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