What’s on Your NEVER List?

We’re back with another episode of Dear Natalie, where you ask me your biggest, burning questions about life, business, happiness, and everything in between, and I answer them in videos right here on the blog.

This week, we have another awesome question — this time from the lovely Trish:

Dear Natalie,

As my business grows, I’m getting more and more opportunities from businesses that want to collaborate with me.

For a while, I took every opportunity that came my way to try to make ends meet, but some of the opportunities didn’t sit right with me because they went against some of my personal values. I’m wondering if you have any guidelines in your own business of things you say no to because of your values?

Even if that means saying no to money coming in the door?”

Let me start by saying: The most wonderful, and most challenging thing about being an entrepreneur is that it makes you the master of your own fate.

That means you get to say a big, loving YES to wonderful opportunities… but you can make mistakes too. There are moments when you might find yourself saying yes to things you normally wouldn’t in the name of money, exposure, or whatever it may be.

So on today’s episode, I’m going to talk about a moment in Reno that woke me up to the fact that everyone needs a “Never List” when it comes to opportunities for their business.

Check out today’s video to find out:

  • 1:04: What I saw at a concert that totally made me freeze up, and think differently about someone very famous I normally love!
  • 2:10: The big question it made me ask — and what I did next
  • 3:12: What should be included on a NEVER list

After you watch, I’d love to know: What’s on YOUR Never List?

What are things you would NEVER accept for your business and brand — no matter how much money you were offered, or how famous the person was making the request?

I’m so curious. Post your list in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “What’s on Your NEVER List?

  1. Anythingvthat hurts animals
    Anything to do with alcohol
    Anything to do with smoking
    Any company not environmentally conscientious
    Dieting shakes or meals
    Lol im an aromatherapist in a beautiful beach hut to lower stress in women…. positive vibes only 🙂

  2. I’ve actually thought about this before. I would never endorse a company that uses toxic chemicals in their formulations. That counts most of them out but as an organic beauty & eco friendly lifestyle specialist I couldn’t in good conscious do it. I won’t compromise my values! There are plenty of clean, safe, healthy products that I stand behind & recommend. I’d rather see my photo on a slot machine than a bottle of toxic moisturizer 😉

  3. Hey, Natalie!
    Now I really want to see that machine.. Haha!
    On my NEVER list, it would be something associated to homophobia and sexism.
    I would never want my identity or my brand ever involved with any of that because that’s not me at all.
    People can be whoever they want to be, and believe what they want to, but that’s just not going to work for me and the people I work with should believe in the same values that I do.

  4. My business partner and I are yoga teachers and personal trainers. We will never do sexy body shots when posting instagram videos of us working out. We feel that this kind of “fitspiration” can prey upon women’s insecurities in a world that had already set ridiculous standards of beauty.

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