When To Burn Everything And Start From Scratch

Natalie MacNeil talks about big risks

As entrepreneurs, there are times when we’re faced with a major task — something so monumental and change-making that we have to say, “I’m doing this, and there’s no going back.”

We have to burn our boats, just like Hernán Cortés did back in the 1500’s when he set out to conquer the Aztec empire with a very sparse army.

(As an aside, can I just say I’m so glad that our community of Conquerors totally redefines what it means to Conquer? We’re doing it with so much love and bringing our gifts to the world, it’s really beautiful…)

I’ve burned the boats in my business more than once – but the most important time that comes to mind was a few years ago, before we built the gorgeous She Takes on the World site we have today.

I’m sharing that story with you in today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV *and* talking about how you can tell when it’s time to burn YOUR boats an entrepreneur:



Now I want you to take the time to explore that BIG question: Is there a big call you have to make that you’ve been holding back on – even though you know the risk is worth the reward? Perhaps it’s time for you to go ‘all in’ on your business in a way you’ve only been dreaming about.

Today, I challenge you to set those “boat burning” wheels in motion – if your heart is telling you to move on, take a new direction, or start from square 1 with no going back.

Take 20 minutes to journal out the possibilities that could unfold if you were to cut ties, and move forward – WITHOUT worrying about the money you’ve already spent, or what other people might think.

What you uncover might surprise you and I’d love to hear all about it in a comment below.

Thank you so much for watching this episode and I hope you’ll share it with someone who might need this message today. I’ll see you next time on She Takes on the World TV!

Cosmic hugs,

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8 thoughts on “When To Burn Everything And Start From Scratch

  1. Thank you! I’ve been wavering on stopping offering a service that I don’t believe is cost effective in terms of time spent on this particular service. I now know and believe fully that I need to phase out this service beginning January 2016. Thanks again, Natalie, for the push!

    1. You’re so welcome Jackie! I’m glad this post found you at just the right time to give you that push. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Oh my lovely NatM 😉 I can always count on you. I’m working my way back after 8 months offline and away from my business (medical issues for me and Niko) and decided to burn my boats and start (almost) completely over. After all these years, it’s not easy! It’s scary and downright overwhelming to think of the time, effort, money, and all the work that went into everything. Deep breaths, right? I have great ideas and plans I’m excited about, but I’ve also been stuck… resistance I guess… probably because of the time, effort, money and emotional attachment to things.

    Taking a frustration break, I was mindlessly scrolling through an enormous volume of email earlier and, lo and behold, what caught my eye but one titled “Why We’re Burning the Boats Today.” I chuckled and opened it. I believe in godwinks, serendipity and all that, often having what I need appear in my path. So there I was, watching your video, crying tears of joy… and excitement… and hope… and, now, belief that I can really do this… and that it is indeed the right thing to do. I wanted to hug you through the screen!

    I’m blissfully happy to still belong to The Conquer Club and, following an intention I set in the fall, I’m participating all-in this year. I truly am burning the boats… starting over and moving forward… completely… finally. I’m taking the leap of faith to launch from my heart, changing my name, my business and my life. BIG stuff. Thank you for always being there on my journey. You’re a true blessing <3

  3. I just discovered you this week.I am a dig fan of the Lucky B.I had a small home buisness back in 2010,but do to a lot of medical stuff had to pass it up.I am looking at getting back into it,but am kinda on the fence about it.This video has me asking the question.Do I love it or am I holding on to a burnt ship.I sold almost everything that year.Thanks.I think your great.

  4. This episode really resonated with me. A couple of weeks ago I completely deleted my entire website to take that particular part of my business in a new direction.

    At the time it didn’t even feel scary. It just felt like the most natural thing to do.

    Over the past few days I have been thinking ‘did I completely lose the plot?’ No, I don’t think I did. I just had the confidence that it was the right boat to burn!

  5. Hi Natali! I just joined your community and it is fantastic that the first video I chosen to watch i s the one I needed the most! I am co owner at Mena Group ltd consultancy company. And the first boat I would like to burn is our web page. We defined according to the instructions of my two other partners (they over voted me:)), but I never liked it. So I really think it is time for us to burn it down and start from the beginning. Hope listening to you will help me in the process.
    All the best,

  6. I was so happy to see this video posted on Facebook today! I’ve been working on my own for the past three years as an internet marketing consultant and, after the past few months, have been feeling completely burned out. When I first got started, my goal was to provide affordable solutions for small businesses, but have definitely made a few mistakes along the way. The first was setting prices much too low, so low that I believe many of my clients don’t value the service, and my second was working with people from every industry – which can be fun, but as you might imagine… can also be extremely draining because I always need to educate myself about the industry before feeling confident enough to actually market the product or service. I’ve been thinking that it might be the re-align the strategy, and after watching this video, you’ve given me the verification I’ve been looking for. Thank you so much!

    1. I’m so happy to hear it, and I can totally relate Katy. I have a series all about burnout coming up on She Takes on the World TV. We entrepreneurs have a tendency to drain ourselves sometimes. Wishing you all the best! We hope you’ll stay connected to us here at She Takes on the World.

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