What’s So Great About Working From A Home Office?

Today I’m thinking about all the great things being location independent gives us globe-trotting entrepreneurs…freedom to go where want, when we want, and still grow our heart-centered businesses. (Earlier this year I wrote a post giving you my best tips and tricks for keeping your business running smoothly while you’re traveling — and if you have the travel bug like me, you’ve got to read this!)

But what about when you’re working from home…at home? Those times when even us road-weary travelers land back in the nest? What’s so great about that?!

Well…a lot!

In prepping for my next big travel adventure to South America — where I’ll be unplugging, nourishing my soul and indulging my boundless love of travel in the Galapagos Islands, Easter Island, and Brazil — I’ve been in a creative sprint for the past few weeks working from home, and I’ve really been enjoying it. So much, in fact, I was inspired to Tweet about it last week and see what my fellow ‘work-from-homers’ were up to:

Natalie MacNeil tweets about working from home

And soon after that, my Twitter feed BLEW UP!

It turns out I’m in good company, loving the work-from-home lifestyle. Of course it gives us a chance to take care of housework and work in our PJs, but the various ways we spend our time working from home are as unique and inspired as our diverse community of incredible entrepreneurs:

We take work breaks that are a bit more…’interesting’ than just standing around a water cooler:

Tweet about working from home


Work from home tweet


We make plenty of time for the people we love:

Tweet about working from home


Tweet about working from home


And the food we love, too:

Work from home tweet


Work from home tweet


And some of us have developed impressive ‘talents’ for multitasking while we work:

Tweet about working from home

@tommcfarlin…LISTENING to Netflix while you work? That’s Jedi-level right there.

And this Tweet could inspire a post, “Six Things You Probably Can’t Do In A 9-5 Office Without Getting Called Into HR”:

Tweet about working from home

Dance your heart out, @paddyforan.

These Tweets simply made my day, and I’d love to hear more! Share a pic or Tweet today on Twitter or Instagram and spread the love for working where we want, when we want. Click here for a Tweet to get you started if you like, or create your own and use the hashtag #becauseican. Let’s see if we can get this trending today!

Much love from my home office…to yours,

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5 thoughts on “What’s So Great About Working From A Home Office?

  1. Hi Natalie!

    I work from home, in São Paulo, Brazil – and have an incoming travel agency that does Brazil travel (All over the country).
    Let me know if you’d like any help with your Brazil travels or want to hang out in SP 🙂 We can go for an afternoon coffee or park/museum visit #becausewecan.

  2. I find that I love the combination of a home office and a co-working space. I tend to split my time equally between the two, which means I never miss a) busy people getting shiz done around me or b) having the telly on in the background whilst I do accounting!

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