We Are All Equals in the Light: What I Learned From Danielle LaPorte

Natalie MacNeils shares how to stop comparing yourself to others

It’s easy to get thrown off your game when you look at what others are doing, what they have, and the things they are achieving.

I’ve been thinking a lot about collaboration lately, and how we can make our Conquer Club members and mentors shine. The Conquer Club isn’t about me, and I want to raise EVERYONE up.

When I was just moving into making She Takes on the World my full-time business, Danielle LaPorte, a fellow Canadian entrepreneur and someone I have so much respect for, did something that really surprised me, and I learned such an important truth about collaboration from that experience.

Today I’m going to share that story with you, about how Danielle really “gets” that we are ALL equals in the light. We’ll also talk about:

  • Why I choose not to waste my time looking at others and being envious of what they have.
  • Two steps you can take to start getting out of comparison mode right now.
  • The number-one thing you should center your attention on, to bring you the most joy!


The reality is, there’s room for ALL of us to succeed, and succeed in really big ways too.

Giving and receiving are one truth, as A Course in Miracles says. When we give, we’re giving unto ourselves because we’re all one. We’re in this thing together!!!

Don’t look at how green the grass is on the other side. Your actionable this week is to do what you need to do to make your own lawn more beautiful with gorgeous plants and lawn ornaments, so that you just want to stay focused on your own creation.

Let me know in a comment below how you plan to spruce up your “grass” and bring more joy in your own life this week. And if this post resonated with you, here are Tweetables you can share with your community:

“Focus on making your grass so f%&$ing green that you don’t notice the grass on the other side.” -@nataliemacneil (Click to Tweet)

“Great leaders want to see others achieve their greatness.”-@nataliemacneil (Click to Tweet)

Thank you so much for being here in our community and sharing your gifts with the world, and I truly want to see you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

When we all shine the brightest we can, we brighten up the whole world.

Cosmic hugs,
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11 thoughts on “We Are All Equals in the Light: What I Learned From Danielle LaPorte

  1. Thank you. I started a business in January and things haven’t taken off and getting out there is a challenge so much things to do. I have been working on blocks and really getting myself and the universe is here and got my back. Its been hard and sad because relationships have ended but I am starting to see my own light and many people online are coming out to support me because they want me to succeed and see the need for my gift in the world. I am a coach for people newly diagnosed with gluten intolerance and food allergies. I take them from surviving to thriving. I help them with the food part but also much more relationships, socializing, what they are dealing with around food and switching their lifestyle. I love this.

    1. Thank you for sharing this Connie. It sounds like you’ve found a true calling in your work. As your light shines brighter some people will fall out of your life; but those are usually the people who want you to stay dim. Keep working towards your goals and this will all pay off. Please keep me posted on how you are doing; I’m sending encouraging vibes your way.

  2. Natalie, this episode is so perfect! I love your analogy of the grass! I can actually feel that when I focus on making my website and my newsletters and my instagram and my youtube vids as beautiful as I can – the feelings of jealousy lift. It becomes ok that someone is “farther” along, because I know that I’m doing my best at this time and it feels amazing! Thank you so much for being the light that you are! Sending you so much love!!! <3 xx

  3. No one can ever be who ‘you’ are or do what you do, even if you’re doing a ‘similar’ thing to someone else… you’re actually not. There’s enough room on this planet for all of us AND our passions. This is what I remind myself.

    1. That’s a really cool way to think about it Tara. I love having an attitude of abundance…there is always enough for all of us.

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