Video Presenting vs. Stage Presenting

In my experience, many people who are used to presenting on stage (or in front of a room), are not aware of how they need to adapt their presentation style to the technical requirements and demands of the video camera.

This includes;

♦ body positioning, body language and gestures, body movement vocal range
♦ eye-contact with the lens
♦ camera framing and camera angles
♦ backgrounds and setting the scene – to mention a few.

Stage vs. Screen

Presenting on video requires the presenter to “pull people in” (screen presence) whereas stage presenting requires the presenter to “push out to the audience.” There lies the problem for many Stage presenters. Note: this is also a common challenge for professional Stage-actors attempting to cross-over to screen and vice-versa for Screen-actors. Each need to learn/unlearn or modify their performances to suit the video or stage medium.

I see it a lot with professional speakers / presenters trying to make the crossover from stage to screen. They haven’t quite mastered the crossover to video in my observation (yes, I review a lot of video) and still struggle with the camera’s technical demands. I’ll address these demands in future articles.  In the mean time to get you started, check-out the above links to help you with your online video presentations.

Also, I would love to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below, what your biggest challenges are when it comes to presenting on video – or with creating your own Video Presentations? If this is all new for you, share with me what you found most helpful with this article and how you will implement it in your next video?

Always listening and cheering you on with your online video presentations!


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2 thoughts on “Video Presenting vs. Stage Presenting

  1. Hey Bianca. As someone who is only just starting to consider the possibility of adding video to my blog, I suspect the tips offered in this post will go a long way to helping. I recently joined Toast Masters to help me gain experience and confidence, but I’ll definitely be checking back here for more on the subject!

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