Are You “Too Busy?” It Might Be Affecting Your Personal Brand

I'm Too Busy

How many times do you ask someone how they’re doing and they say, “I’m so busy,” or how many times do you give that answer to people who ask YOU how you are? I’ve been hearing this way too much lately so I wanted to talk about it.

I was also inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions. Here’s what she says about being too busy:

Whatever is on your plate got there because you said yes to it.

Stay tuned for more from the amazing Danielle LaPorte in my upcoming interview with her.

Now onto the video! In it I talk about how important all our day-to-day interactions are for our personal brands and overall well being.

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7 thoughts on “Are You “Too Busy?” It Might Be Affecting Your Personal Brand

  1. Thanks for a great post Natalie! I caught myself doing this exact thing with a client last week, but just didn’t know how to flip it around into a positive. Really appreciate you sharing your technique.

  2. Agreed! when your busy with client’s only, but not in the case of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. You need to be more active on these sites to make your brand better promotions.

  3. Great advice Natalie!  It is amazing how we say things so automatically without even thinking about the impact.  I tend to say ‘fantastic’ when people ask me how I am & that has become automatic now.  I really love your thoughts about being grateful for the opportunities

  4. Totally right! Also, when you are too busy, you start not being 100% present in what you do and start doing mistakes just because you are too busy and overwhelmed to make things right!

  5. I’ll admit I am SO guilty of this. Thanks for turning the spotlight on a very bad habit. I don’t want to be that person! And I’m taking on your challenge to flip it starting NOW!

  6. Busted. I do it all the time. I get tired of hearing myself! Thank you for challenging me to produce a better, more considered reply. I think it will change my OWN perception of “how I am” !

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