Three Tiny Things I Do To Stay Motivated

Wouldn’t it be great if we leapt out of bed every morning full of energy and ~soared~ into our already-planned day, tackling every to-do item on our list?

I definitely have those days. And I have other days when I wake up feeling blah and don’t want to do anything but go back to bed. When I’m having one of those days like I did last week, there are a few things I do to find my focus and flow. (Btw.. you can always find these under the “Find Focus” highlight on my Instagram :).

  1. There’s nothing that will fire you up more than watching Beyoncé rehearse. If I need an inspirational boost in the morning I search for some of her dance rehearsals on YouTube… I mean, come on.
  2. When in doubt… breathe. it. out. There’s nothing more cleansing and empowering than taking a few moments or minutes to center yourself and your breath.
  3. This. For years, every time I’ve needed some serious inspiration I return to this video. If today were the last day of your life who would you want to say and be? Who would you want to connect with?

Answers to these questions focus me more than anything else. What are some things you do to stay moving and motivated? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Hope to see you there!


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