This Is Why Your Business Is Not Making Money

why you are not making money

In today’s episode, I’m taking a question from one of our Facebook fans, Rosie-Leigh. She writes, “Natalie I’ve been working on my business full time for a year and I’m so passionate about what I do. I work so hard but I feel like I’m not really going anywhere and I’m barely making enough to cover the bills. Please help me turn this business into a money-making machine!”

Does this sound familiar? I hear this a lot from women who are frustrated by how their business isn’t growing the way they want. And when I dig deeper, I usually find some common issues at play that are holding them back from achieving the success they deserve. It might not be easy to hear, but in today’s episode I’ve got some tough love for Rosie-Leigh and anyone else out there who feels their business isn’t earning enough money. Ready to find out what’s really going on?

Check it out:

For Rosie-Leigh or anyone in her situation, when you’re trying to figure out why your business isn’t making more money, there are five key takeaways that can help you make more money doing what you love:

1) You need to have products and packages that are clearly defined on your website. This helps people understand how they can work with you!

2) Consistency and keeping in touch with your audience regularly is really important.

3) Understand your audience so you can target them with products and services they actually need.

4) Do the homework so you know what your services are really worth; more than likely, you are selling yourself (and your business) short.

5) Don’t give too much away for free!

I know our community is filled with brilliant entrepreneurs who can share some more tips and insights for growing revenue too, so I’d love to hear your advice in a comment below.

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10 thoughts on “This Is Why Your Business Is Not Making Money

  1. Interestingly, the word CASH spells out Natalie’s five main points, and makes them really easy to remember.

    C – CLARITY about what you are offering and what it will do for the buyer.
    C – CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION with your prospects – let them get to know you well.
    A – AUDIENCE – get to know them well, too, and stay in touch with their needs
    S – SELL it, but never sell yourself short.
    H – HANG ON before you give too much away for free.

    Well, OK… that spells CCASH not CASH, but does the odd smelling pis take really matter?

  2. I love this, Natalie! You are being so specific. I bet Rosie-Leigh will really benefit from your generous advice. I’ve personally found consistency and clarity to be super important in my business.

    I would also say that many people hold themselves back despite the fact that they know what they should be doing. I’ve done this myself. Sometimes that’s because of our money or success blocks. Sometimes it’s because, even though we want to put ourselves out there and play bigger, there is just too much fear and self-doubt around that for us so we subconsciously find ways to hold back. If you really want to move forward and make progress in a significant way, I think the inner work is just as important as the strategic business work.

  3. Fantastic advice Natalie. I love the tip about packaging services – something I’ve been considering for a while, but never acted upon. I think packages are giving the prospect clear choices and it’s like deciding whether they want A, B, or C. So much easier than trying to choose from dozens of options.

    Thanks for the (gentle) kick in the bum. 😉

  4. Great advice! I’ve found it really helpful to figure out what people actually need help with before you create anything, and then create your audience’s dream solution to that problem.

  5. This is such a great video. The tips of offering lower level products for people to try you out first is so incredibly clarifying for me. I do one on one coaching and am in the midst of creating an anxiety management program, but it is so hard for me to get the trust of my viewers since I’ve never demonstrated my expertise by way of e-book or a smaller course or webinar or even giveaway! My freebie on my site needs to be changed out and help focus my niche even more-i have lots of work ahead of me! Thank you for these tips!!

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