Gabrielle-BernsteinBeing part of the Conquer Club is worth every single penny. It is a training, a business plan, and a motivational network wrapped into one fantastic place. Natalie is smart, authentic, and accessible. The Conquer Club has made me realize that we all share the same entrepreneurial struggles and we’re never alone. I highly recommend it!
-Mona Kelly, Mona Kelly Studio LLC

Gabrielle-BernsteinThe Conquer Club is something that I have fantasized about ever since I started my business 10 years ago. I always wanted to have a group of fellow entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of and exchange advice. Being a business owner can feel lonely at times and it’s easy to get discouraged when you’re on your own. Meeting with a group of women in the same situation with similar challenges is the answer!

I think the structure of Conquer Club is fantastic and there is no doubt in my mind that Natalie has created something that is going to help thousands of women kick butt in the business world.
– Jessica Burman Zinger – Founder of Cocoon Apothecary

Gabrielle-BernsteinI love being in The Conquer Club because you never feel alone and there are so many other women in the same boat, going through the same challenges as we grow our businesses. The vibes are absolutely positive and I love that it truly feels like a community.

The support you need is here in The Conquer Club, all you have to do is ask for it! Whether getting advice from Natalie, or from the other mentors or members, the support system has made a huge difference to my business.
-Bhupi Rajput, Henna4You

Gabrielle-BernsteinWhen I was made aware of the opportunity to be an Ambassador for the Conquer Club, I jumped! Natalie MacNeil is the real deal! 5 minutes with her gives you a million ideas on how to get your business to the next level, which is where we are all trying to get! Her videos, worksheets, and plain old business sense offer so much value! Furthermore, there is nothing like what you get from the Conquer Club: honest advice coming from women (women and men are sooooo different in business), the ability to connect with entrepreneurs locally and globally, camaraderie, and support to see your vision through. You want to be part of this! It’s awesome.
-Jennifer Freitas, The Truth Beauty Company

Gabrielle-BernsteinI was feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about venturing in to my own business but having met with the Conquer Club has given me both the motivation and the confidence I needed to plough forward. I feel empowered and ready to go!
I am also thankful to have met Natalie at one event – her candour and approachability, added to her knowledge, make her a real force and an inspiration to all women entrepreneurs.”
– Cat Coode, Founder of Binary Tattoo

Gabrielle-BernsteinI was thinking as I left the NYC Conquer Club meetup how at home I felt in that group. Usually these networking things are like pulling teeth, but there was so much warmth and support in that room that I felt super-comfortable right away. In fact, it’s hard to believe that the group had only just met that first time because everyone was so honest and open and friendly, it seemed like Conquer Club NYC had been meeting together for years.
– Gabriela Pereira

Gabrielle-BernsteinThe Conquer Club provides an inspirational network of amazing Women to connect and communicate with on an on-going basis. I have met some incredible Women who have introduced me to new opportunities as well as helped and supported my journey of being a woman entrepreneur.
– Kathryn Moos, VROU Women

Gabrielle-BernsteinI only had a faint idea of what my business would be when I first started attending the Conquer Club  in Waterloo. However, I was inspired and supported by several other business owners who took the time to honestly share their experiences and provide insight when I had questions. Now only five meetings later I’m excited to report that Echo Roots Wellness has become a reality and will be launching soon.
 – Olwen Wilson, Echo Roots Wellness

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