The Three Small Business Tools We Can’t Live Without

Natalie MacNeil talks about the three tools she runs her business with

Have you ever noticed that a lot of successful entrepreneurs recommend like, a million tools to keep their businesses running? How in the world do they manage all their management tools??!!

You need tools to run your business, but don’t let your tools run you! (Click to tweet!)

I know it can feel really overwhelming to figure out which small business tools you need, and which ones you can live without.

In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV, I’m going to share with you the THREE (that’s right, just three) amazing tools that are absolutely essential to keeping my business running. Check it out:



To watch this week’s episode, go to:

Let’s recap. Here are the three small business tools that my team and I cannot live without. You’re going to love them:

  1. Infusionsoft: Bills itself as an “all-in-one” sales and marketing tool, and wow does it deliver! Now, I didn’t switch to Infusionsoft until I had several thousand people on my list, but it’s allowed me to grow my business significantly by offering all the features and functionality I could ever dream of as I launch products and programs, and host free training and events. Before I was ready to make the big step to Infusionsoft, I used Aweber for my email software and I still love it, too.
  2. Asana: An elegantly simple, but super powerful, task manager and customer service management system that we use for pretty much everything in our business right now. My team uses it on a daily basis to communicate and make sure everyone is working on what they need to be working on.
  3. QuickBooks: This is a finance tool that I’m (admittedly) not an expert in because I leave all that fun stuff to my finance and accounting team. It’s an essential tool to giving you financial empowerment to make really good decisions about your business. Related to this, I do personally use Shoeboxed to gather up all my receipts as I’m traveling so that they can be scanned and exported to Quickbooks – so simple and easy! I feel I’ve got to give them an honorable mention here because I love them!

My business really doesn’t need much beyond these tools, even as we grow, and I’m of the mindset that the fewer we have to use the better.

My actionable for you this week is to do a business tool cleanup. What small business tools have you signed up for that you just don’t use? Can you delete those accounts? Let me know in a comment below: What tools can you just not live without?

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11 thoughts on “The Three Small Business Tools We Can’t Live Without

  1. Amen for Asana!

    I use it for absolutely everything in my company. Reminding me when to write blog posts in advance (and to set up a time aside to think out the calendar for the year), assigning tasks to my assistants (bookings, website maintenance tasks…), saving time planning complex projects that repeat every year (I don’t forget any important task, this way!), leaving everything ready before my holidays (again, all tasks listed under one single project makes it easy to follow up!)…
    I couldn’t leave without it!

    Dropbox and IFTTT would be my other two MUST HAVEs, aside from Google Apps.

    Sure I’ve tried other apps, too. But as soon as I figure out that they won’t serve me, if they annoy me with emails I just unsubscribe. I don’t really delete accounts that much, though (if they don’t bother me with emails, then I just forget about them).

    But I must admit that some app deleting from my Ipad would actually be a good idea, though…

    1. Wow Marta, you are really making the most of Asana! Love this! And I think it’s great that you drop tools as soon as you realize they aren’t working for you. Have you ever had any issues with moving data from one tool to the next when you leave one?

    1. Oh…Evernote! Yes, that’s another good one, Melanie. I find Evernote really helpful for personal clippings, finding articles I want to read later and being able to “clip” them to read at my leisure. This is also a great tool for making a “swipe” file of content that you might want to repurpose or use for idea generation for your business.

  2. This one is not so much to keep my business running, but Canva is awesome for creating infographics – something I’m getting into more.

  3. Our business would come to a standstill if it weren’t for Dropbox. helps us run our finances in a way that our very visual brains can process. We use Mailchimp to get in touch with our followers (we love the cheeky monkey!) After much research, we’ve just decided to go with Insightly for our CRM.

    Thanks so much for sharing the details of how you run your business!

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