Secrets of a Superhuman September Part 1

About six years ago, I hit on a concept that still feels totally true for me:

September is the new January.

I was so excited about it at the time I named a workshop after it, and while I’ve seen it  used a few other places since, it still holds water.

… But what does it mean exactly?

By September, you’re more than halfway through the year.

The weather’s about to get chilly, the holidays are just around the corner, and (especially for entrepreneurs) the “slow” summer season is coming to an end, and it’s time to launch, tackle new goals, and get ready to finish the year strong.

See what I mean? It basically has all the elements of January 1st… but it’s just not quite as sexy because no one’s calling for champagne or a ball drop in Times Square. 😉

In the back end of She Takes on the World, I’m currently doing house cleaning, getting ready for the launch of our new website and re-launch of The Conquer Club, and wrapping up some awesome new courses we have in the pipeline.

So as we enter September, I wanted to invite you to do a little New Year’s Eve tune-up for your mindset, health, systems, and organization!

Here’s a peek at a few action steps you can take right now to have an amazing end of your year:

Action step 1: Check in with your body. How are you feeling?

If you haven’t checked out our Superhuman Entrepreneur series, now’s a great time to do that. I’ve included Video 1 below!

I created this series after the launch of my book The Conquer Kit, which was published at the tail end of a 6-month period of massive growth in my business. I was feeling more drained and burnt out than I had ever felt before, and was having a hard time getting out of bed and starting my day — and it freaked me out!

In this 5-part “Superhuman Entrepreneur” series, I share the behind-the-scenes of working with my team of doctors to optimize my health, so as you get ready to take on the end of the year, you’ll be able to make some changes to boost your energy and overall well-being too.

Action step 2: Set up your sprint in Conquer Your Year

(More on this in a future post!)

Don’t have the book yet? You can grab it right here from Amazon.

It’s my yearly planner for entrepreneurs — and you can start at any time. Conquer Your Year won’t just help you get clear on your goals for your business, but the full spectrum of your life: including health, relationships, and more.

Each “sprint” inside Conquer Your Year stretches over 90 days to help you tackle one BIG milestone over 3 months. This makes the process manageable, digestible, and even fun!

Action step 3: Get your mindset in check, and start a new habit!

(More on this in a future post, too.)

In my opinion, habits are the backbone of a life well-lived. Our habits can determine our success, quality of health, life, relationships, and workload.

The more good habits we have? The better off we’ll be.

So consider incorporating one small habit into your routine this month. A few ideas:

  • Drinking more water
  • Saying no more often
  • Turning off all screens an hour before you go to sleep
  • Following up with potential clients more often
  • Spending more time away from your desk, and with friends

I’ll be back in your inbox next week with some more ways to make September your new January, but in the meantime:

Are you ready to get set up for fall? I want to hear all about it!

What’s your goal for the end of the year, and what will you start doing today to achieve it?

Drop your ideas in the comments below — and let’s finish out strong.

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3 thoughts on “Secrets of a Superhuman September Part 1

  1. I have created a new morning routine! I drink water before my morning coffee, I do not look at my phone until I am completely ready, and I journal while eating breakfast! So far it has been a great change!

  2. I have always felt like the New Year begins in September. Probably all those years of school starting in September. My daughter starts 9th grade tomorrow and my little guy starts preschool. End of summer is always a little sad but we had a great summer and great last day playing in my brother’s pool. So tonight is my New Year’s Eve. I’m launching a new offer on Wednesday and treating myself to extra dance classes this week. Happy New Year!

  3. Thank-you Natalie! I needed to read this this morning. I had a 3 month weight-loss goal from June to August and I achieved it just before going on a road trip. We all know what restaurant meals do. I have been having a difficult time getting “back at it.” Although it is September 14th already, what a great idea. My fall tune-up and next 3 – month goal is starting today.

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