The Right Coach for You

Natalie MacNeil on hiring a business coach

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You know you’re ready for big things. You’re just not quite sure how to get there.

If this is you, it might be time to hire a business coach!

I believe that just about anyone can benefit from having a coach or a mentor to reach higher, but how the heck do you choose when there are so many out there?

One of my biggest pet peeves is business coaches who just don’t have the experience to help you grow a business. There are way too many coaches whose first and only business IS business coaching other people to build a business. Whaaat?! That’s just confusing and ridiculous, and I think we can all acknowledge that’s just crazy talk.

So how DO you find the right person who can help catapult your business to the next level? That’s what I want to talk with you about in today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV. Check it out:



To watch this week’s video, go to:

To recap, here are some tips to help you hire the right coach:

1. Set goals and expectations. Be upfront with your coach about what you expect to get out of this. Do you want homework and assignments to be given to you? Are you looking for kind, loving support or a good-natured kick in the ass? A good coach will let you know if what you’re looking for jives with their style of coaching and the services they can provide you. And if not, they might just refer you to someone even better suited for you!

2. Look for someone 5 steps ahead. I hire coaches who are just a few “steps” ahead of me in my industry, people who have recently been where I want to go. In talking with potential mentors who are much farther along in their careers, I usually find that it’s hard for them to get back into the headspace of where I am right now.

3. Sign a contract: It’s not the fun part of running a business, but having these things down on paper is key. I know they’re a drag but they protect everyone involved. I use a great tool by my friend and mentor Kyle Durand called OURDEAL, and it’s awesome. We even have a complimentary account for our Conquer Club members!

4. Ask for quantifiable results. Set concrete goals and then tell your coach what you want to achieve. For example, maybe you want to have 10,000 Twitter followers by September 1 or 1,000 new email list signups by July 4. Getting clear on what you want will leave you feeling more satisfied with the coaching process and will allow your coach to help you better!

5. Ask for references. Before your hire, follow up with some former clients. They can tell you what worked and what didn’t and how to get the most out of your coaching experience.

My actionable for you this week is to write down three goals you want a coach to help you with, and then get a few recommendations from friends and colleagues on who they think would be ideal for helping you to achieve those goals. And I’d love for you to share your business goals in a comment below.


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11 thoughts on “The Right Coach for You

  1. Your pet peeve about “business coaches” also applies to all those “Law of Attraction experts” who have never done anything except scrape together a book or program about LoA. “Arrrrrrrgh!”

    Great advice, as usual, Natalie,

    Another tip to add would be to make it a priority to start saving a portion of present income towards investing in a good coach.

    I know it can be a good investment. I know people who have gone from “scraping by” to six-figure incomes after investing in a coach. It helps to have this advice to choose our investment wisely. I find Number 2 especially useful. Thank you.

  2. Finally!!! Someone else said it!! I spent 15 years learning how to run businesses, I hate it when someone says “I am just going to be a business coach like you, you make big bucks and don’t work very hard” ARRHGHHH I worked my ass off for years and years to get where I am. Here in Australia you can do a non accredited online course to become a business coach – cringe!

    I watched another ‘business coach’ recently who has NO experience other than her own business tell someone who asked a question about profit margins to ‘google it’!

    Love it, love it, love it!

    1. I’m with you Melanie. I wondered exactly the same thing; so many out there. At this point I’m quite clear about my goals so the kick in the butt part I’m hoping to get it from my mastermind group. 🙂 thanks!

  3. Great post Natalie, thanks! I think #4 is very important. If you don’t know what you want to achieve, no one can help you. Any road will do if you haven’t got a destination for where you are going. Looking back in the past I can see some of my previous coaching experiences failing exactly because I wasn’t clear at the beginning what I wanted to get out of it, apart from “help with business planning” or “strategy coaching”.

  4. Definitely agree with your comment about business coaches! I would want to work with a coach who has experience starting a business similar to the field I’m in 🙂

  5. This is such great advice! I wish I had had it when I first started looking for a coach to help me get started. There are so many business coaches out there and it can be very confusing. I did check out several before I settled on one. Some of the things I was looking for was someone small enough to give me personalized help and who was also successful in their business. I did not want to get lost in the masses, as I this venture was totally new to me. I also wanted someone who would keep me moving forward. I am/was willing to do the work, but needed timely constructive feed back to me on track. For the level I am at I found a person who fits me and my goals perfectly. When I ready for the next step I will use your advice. Thanks!

  6. I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I need to be without the right coach. I found someone 4 years ago who has guided me through being a 9-5’er to becoming a business owner. I actually think I’ve outgrown him and am looking for someone who will be able to provide more guidance and direction on the business building side of the fence and less about me and my own personal growth. All part of the growth process, right 🙂

  7. I really enjoyed this video Natalie. I joined a $$$ mastermind last year with a coach that has a large profile and appears to have a successful business of her own. Her content and knowledge was excellent but it was the delivery that really disappointed me. It was very unstructured and she didn’t take the time to really understand or get to know our businesses. She would forget week to week what we discussed the week before and there were no goals or actions set. In truth, I was too much in startup phase for her and I think she works better with more established businesses. But still she accepted into her mastermind knowing full well where I was in my business journey. The whole experience has really made me cautious of business coaches in general because I invested such a large sum of money to be coached by her. It’s a shame because I know that it is so important to invest in yourself and in ongoing education. The questions you posed in this video are great and I only wished that I was aware of these much sooner. Looking back now there were no real testimonials and she never seemed any feedback after it ended too. I will certainly be doing my groundwork before I hire another coach again.

  8. Hi,

    Thanks for the advice …

    I watched this a few weeks ago, and it popping into my mind. I see so many coaches out there that don’t have the experience to be business coaches.

    One thing that I will add for myself is that coach will have to values that are similar to my own. I love my current coach approach, and it lacks the spiritual component. Both are important to me! I’ve built a great business ( but it doesn’t come from my heart, so I’m resisting it. is from the heart, so it will stay.

    Thanks for the advice.

  9. I actually disagree with Natalie’s comment about coaches. Coaches do not have to have first hand experience in everything they are coaching someone on. A coach’s role is to inspire and instruct. It is interesting to see these comments, because as a Corporate Executive and Career Coach I deal with this frequently. For example, people want to make their most successful salesperson a Sales trainer. When that often does not work out people are shocked. They shouldn’t be. The therapist counseling someone on alcohol abuse, doesn’t have to be a recovering alcoholic. Coaches who are effective are lifelong learners. They should know and understand the field, ask probing questions to identify barriers and help us remove them. If we are looking for someone with prior experience to tell us what to do, then maybe a mentoring relationship is more appropriate. Coaches provide guidance, but the most effective coaches (in any field) steer someone in the right direction so they can have the AHA! moment themselves. Maybe it is the terminology we are using, but I think this is a blind spot and wanted to highlight it.

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