The Path To Freedom With Nisha Moodley

Natalie MacNeil interviews Nisha Moodley during Week 2 of The Conquer Summit

Gaining clarity and finding your purpose can be a real challenge, especially when we’re enmeshed in so much busyness in our day-to-day lives. But finding (and focusing on) your purpose every day can also bring great freedom and incredible personal success. This is something my friend Nisha Moodley and I talked about during our Conquer Summit interview last night.


Nisha knows a thing or two about finding out what’s true to the heart and creating a “sisterhood” to help each other gain inner wisdom. She is a coach, a community cultivator, a writer, a speaker, and a self-proclaimed “student of freedom.” And in the video below she’s going to share with us the journey to freedom and hearing your heart.

In this heart-opening session with Nisha Moodley we talk about:

  • Why having supportive sisters around us is so critical in entrepreneurship, and every day of our lives
  • Tips for discovering your own ‘north star’ – a business direction that’s completely aligned with you, your goals, and your purpose
  • The power of vulnerability, and why sharing our ups and downs equally helps us craft powerful brand messages

As Nisha likes to say (paraphrasing the Dalai Lama), “The world will be set free by women who are free, and the key to a woman’s freedom is sisterhood.” (Click to tweet!)

Ready to get started? Join us for the video below:


Your actionable is to take a post-it note and jot down these three questions: “What is my ‘why’ for myself and the world?” “What would make me proud?” and “What do I really need to do today?”


Then stick this beside your bed, on your phone if you use it as your alarm clock, and tomorrow morning before you do anything else, ask yourself these questions. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this helps you to align yourself with your ‘north star’ and find your purpose. Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know your answers to these questions.

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3 thoughts on “The Path To Freedom With Nisha Moodley

  1. I’m really enjoying your conquer summit and I loved Nisha’s interview last week. I really loved her advice and insight. After doing the exercises yesterday I’ve decided my top 3 “Whys” for the world as I’m pursuing blogging for my Scrapbook Retreat Business. I want to:
    1. Shine brightly so that I can give others permission to do the same.
    2. Inspire others to pursue their artistic and/or creative passions.
    3. Bring my readers with me on my journey to live life fully everyday and try new experiences.
    4. Make new friends, build a community and make the world a brighter place. I wrote more about my experience
    Thank you Natalie for amazing Conquer Summit! I look forward to your sessions next week.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode of the Conquer Summit, I just listened again. I’m passionate about living a life of purpose and helping others do the same. I believe we have all the answers they’re just hidden in out hearts.

    1. Discover the best me so I can fully contribute to the world.
    2. Playing a part in helping others become their best selves, no matter how big or small the contribution.
    3. Seek clarity on my next steps, build my confidence in sharing my message, write daily.

    Thank you! Again this was awesome!

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