The Five Things I Do To Make Big Things Happen

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When I was in school, I was lovingly called “Natalie ‘Make It Happen’ MacNeil” for the number of things I managed to successfully juggle at the same time. Now I prefer to focus on making one big thing happen at a time, and I’ve learned to keep myself laser focused, grounded, and tuned in to my own game instead of worrying about everyone else.

These are the five things I do to achieve big goals without getting drained, while remaining 100% true to myself:

1) I trust my intuition

Every time I have ever ignored a gut feeling, I ended up regretting it later. I started my first business at a pretty young age, and at that time I was trying to carve my own path and figure everything out as I went along.

I often trusted the advice of others over my own intuition because they had more experience, more knowledge, and more years doing what I wanted to do. I’ve learned to listen to guidance, and ultimately trust that my intuition will always steer me in the right direction.

We all experience intuition differently. You may feel like you have a knot in your stomach or feel a little nauseous when you’re not aligned with a decision, relationship, or project. When something does feel totally aligned with your values and vision, you may get a warm fuzzy feeling. Trust those feelings you experience when making decisions.

2) I meditate throughout the day

My meditation practice isn’t just about sitting on my meditation cushion for 20 minutes. Meditation is something I do throughout the day, and it’s something anyone can do in a small window of time.

Meditation space

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, or stressed out, or someone is really annoying me, I take a minute to adjust my posture, breathe deeply, and focus on the breath.

Try my one-minute meditation here if you would like further guidance.

3) I visualize the play-by-play

When I’m deciding what new products I want to create, launches I want to do, and big passion projects to bring to the world, I visualize the entire play-by-play. Like many entrepreneurs, I have a book full of new ideas. Fierce focus is what leads to success, so I’m always picking and choosing which ideas will be best to give my attention to based on my goals.

Let’s say there’s one idea I’m really excited about, and I’m making a decision whether to bring it to life as a product or leave it on the backburner. I start by visualizing the process of creating it with my team and how we’re all going to feel working on it. Then I go through the launch process, and people beginning to experience that product. I think about how people are going to feel with that product in their hands, and how it will help them. Then I think about maintaining the product and distribution, and the ongoing work my team will have to do.

I check in with how I feel for each part of the process, and whether I’m still really excited about it or if it feels like maybe it’s not the right time or it would be too stressful for my team.

4) I listen to “brain music”

I spend parts of my day listening to different frequencies and binaural beats through headphones, depending on what I’m working on.

Theta brainwave music can help you stay in your creative genius zone, keeps you calm, and boosts your intuition. I listen to Alpha brainwave music when I’m learning something, reading, or making a big decision.

5) I have my own creative planning process

I’m a digital media and technology entrepreneur, and I have tried pretty much every online planning tool. Being a very creative person with a love for color and beautiful organization, I often get bored of online tools and systems and end up going back to the same MAP I’ve been creating for years:

Natalie's Master Action Plan

Now, maybe my process won’t work for you, and maybe it will. I believe in borrowing strategies and ideas from others, but then building plans and processes that are all your own, so that the system you create feels good for you.

Now it’s your turn: What’s one thing you do on a regular basis to stay on top of your goals, and make big things happen?

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15 thoughts on “The Five Things I Do To Make Big Things Happen

  1. Natalie! I also have problems if i don’t trust my intuition! Now i’ve leart to listen to it. I will defenitly try numer 2 and 3! 🙂 thank you

  2. I’ve been having trouble going with my instincts as well. I am learning to stick to the systems I put in place and say no to opportunities outside of those that just don’t feel right.

    1. Learning to tune in and say no to what doesn’t feel right is so important. It’s something I’m constantly working on because I’m a people-pleaser, and I like to say “yes” so that I don’t let anyone else down.

  3. I love these tips – I also have learned to just do my own thing and not worry about what everyone else thinks or what works best for other people. You have to do what works for you. I want to get more into meditation and I like the sound of brain music. Off to research… thanks for sharing!

    1. I’ll definitely share some of this in The Conquer Club as I work on my next meditation album Carin, so stay tuned 🙂

  4. I’m a big believer of tip number 1. Intuition -gut feeling, inner knowing, higher self, Voice of the Guardian Angel and Goddess – it doesn’t matter. Time and again I have experienced the power of intuition and how learning to listen to it allowed me to grow and create massive changes in my life.

    1. Love it Prime, I know you’re very connected and listen to your intuition for a lot of the business decisions you make.

  5. I love these suggestions … thanks! I’m currently working on developing my inner dare devil. I’m naturally an overly cautious person and sometimes I just have to dare myself to do the big things that scare me!

  6. Great tips! My go to tip is to make a to-do list with three, and only three, to-do’s on it for the day. This way I’m not overwhelmed, over-stressed and multi-tasking my way to burnout! (I actually stole that idea from Marie Forleo in an interview she did with Dr Hallowell. Have three goals for the day, for the week, for the month, and for the year.)

  7. Meditation. That theme keeps popping into my life so it must be time to take heed and learn how to leverage it. I loved what you shared in #3. I can’t honestly say I’ve been taking the time to do that, but I’m going to give it a go. Thank you!

  8. Great post! I just discovered your website and am addicted! I follow the advice of Jay Papasan and Gary Keller in the book “The One Thing” and ask myself “What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” It helps me to focus on priorities. It’s still hard for me as a multi-tasker at heart but I work far better when I am focused. Cheers!

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