Tailoring Yourself To Fit Your Customers’ Needs


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My husband and I have decided to home-school our daughter.  We aren’t at the stage where we’re deciding which method to use or which online curriculum is best.  You see, our daughter is 3, far from kindergarten.

But I decided to prepare her for what’s ahead by creating my own preschool homeschool program.  It’s not the most original idea because I found tons of information about it on the world wide web.  The trick is choosing activities that engage her.  I knew the program was going well when she thanked God in prayers for preschool.

How does this apply to business?

I offer writing services, and no two articles are alike.  Certainly, no two clients are alike.  I have to tailor what I do to fit the blog, magazine or whoever I’m writing for, just like I’m tailoring my preschool program to fit my daughter’s personality.

What can you do to modify your services?

  1. Have a clear-cut idea of what your client/customer wants.
  2. Ask questions to ensure you are doing the job correctly.
  3. Research the company or individual you are working for to understand the history.  In my case, I read the publication or blog I write for to get an idea of its voice.
  4. Compare your work to your competition and colleagues.
  5. Get constructive criticism by asking how you can do your job even better.  If the client says nothing, congratulations!  You’ve been an excellent tailor.

Why is this important?

When you adapt yourself to different jobs, you show that you are versatile as well as willing to meet your clients’ needs.  Of course, you’re not a robot set to act on command.  Unreasonable demands should not be met.

But when you look for ways to reinvent yourself for the sake of your customers, you will make them happy, and they will be sure to come back for more.

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