How To Become A Superhuman Entrepreneur

Today we’re beginning a very special new series of She Takes on the World TV, that’s unlike anything I’ve ever shared with you before.

I was inspired to create this series after the launch of my book The Conquer Kit, which was published at the tail end of a 6-month period of massive growth in my business. Feeling more drained and burnt out than I had felt in a really long time, I was finding it difficult to even pull myself out of bed and start the workday in the morning. It actually scared me because I’m very conscious of taking care of my body and my energy so I can show up and do the work I want to do in the world. That’s when I knew I wanted to create this series, because you don’t often get to see the “nitty gritty” of what goes into outward success, and I know burnout and exhaustion are things you’ve probably experienced while building your business too.

In this 5-part “Superhuman Entrepreneur” series, I am sharing the behind-the-scenes of working with my team of doctors to optimize my health so that as we get ready to head into a new year you’ll be able to make some changes to boost your energy and overall well-being too. It feels really raw and vulnerable to to share this footage with you, but I feel it’s so important that we start a discussion around our well-being as entrepreneurs and don’t ignore our health on our quest to be successful.

My intuition made it loud and clear that I needed to share everything my health team had me do to recover from burnout, optimize my health, increase productivity and creative output, and boost my energy like never before. I know this is going to serve you.

I invite you to join me in this very personal journey, on what it takes to become a Superhuman Entrepreneur:

To build on what you’ll learn throughout this series, I’ve created a downloadable “Superhuman Entrepreneur” journal designed to help you mindfully move through each day, by tracking your daily health and nourishment practices, and to help you create greater alignment — mind, body, and soul — with your heart’s intentions each step of the way. This journal is free to our community of subscribers.

Click on the link below to receive your free journal and be signed up to receive new freebies and episodes as we release them.



If you’re ready to recommit to your own health and well being as we work to turn you into a superhuman entrepreneur, leave us a comment below. We’d love to support you throughout this journey.

Love, success, and health,

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38 thoughts on “How To Become A Superhuman Entrepreneur

  1. Wow!! Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life. I felt so bad for you when you were having to get up at all those crazy hours for interviews etc. You looked so exhausted:-( I just wanted to make you some of my famous chicken noodle soup to get you thru your day and give you a little boost. Downloading the 6 week journal tracker Now! Thank you it’s such a great idea. Someone told me the other day that I looked tired,Yikes. I can’t get sick during the holidays,may be this will help. Your the Best,Natalie. Thanks for such a thoughtful series. XXOX

    1. hahaha I actually didn’t get sick through that whole thing shockingly! So I think all my supplements are doing their job. 😉 But I was definitely very, very tired.

      Thanks Susan!

  2. Thank you for sharing about your personal health Natalie. Too often I try to be ‘superhuman’ and focus on my business while forgetting about my health. This video was very timely, as we reach the end of 2016 and I start thinking about my goals for the next year. I already know that taking care of myself and my health will be one of them. Thanks for sharing, and I am looking forward to the next video in this series.

    1. Thank you Naomi, and you’re not alone when it comes to forgetting about your health as an entrepreneur. That’s why I really wanted to wrap up the year diving into our health and wellbeing. See you in the next episode!

  3. I literally paused the video and went to take a vitamin D3. The adrenal fatigue resonates too. I’ll get some adrenal support asap.
    Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s hard to admit when we’re overwhelmed and physically drained. Take good care.

  4. My reactions in real time:

    AT LEAST THEY GAVE YOU SOMETHING TO POOP IN!!!! AHAHAHAHAHA I was told to put a garbage bag over my toilet. 😉 Oh medical testing how silly you are!

    DAMN girl you got a cute doc there!!!!

    YAAAAAS!!!!!! “Fuck that I’m gonna do that anyway”

    I really love seeing you with and without makeup. Thank you for that.

    Your face when you drink the coffee. DYING of laughter here. Hahaha

    I really enjoyed this. Now that I’m feeling better with the heavy duty meds, I’m excited to begin exploring how I can optimize the rest of my health and these ideas are fantastic places to start.


    1. Thank you for this comment Kait, and for making me laugh until I cried while reading it. I also want to acknowledge you for your beautiful and vulnerable post on She Knows this week.

  5. This was A-MAZING, Natalie! Thanks so much for sharing so openly. I feel like I want to get a whole battery of tests to find out where my health levels are, too. How do you know which ones to do? How do you approach your primary care doc to order them without coming across as a hypochondriac?

    1. My primary care doc would not do most of these tests since they were “not medically necessary” for me. I did the tests with Designer Health Centers ( because I wanted the information for myself. I don’t even show all the tests and results in this video for the sake of time, but there were some interesting genetic things I discovered as well that have been so helpful. I feel really empowered now when it comes to my health, and doing all the tests gave me peace of mind.

  6. Brilliant! Thank you Natalie. And by the way, my life changed I started drinking coffee with High Octane Oil since you mentioned it to me in October. Thank you again 🙂

  7. Loving this topic! So important to talk about health alongside business, as they go hand in hand! I’ve done that test with many, many clients and it’s so good to know what’s going on in your gut! Thorough testing with lots of information. So glad you did this and are sharing it with us! xo

    1. Thank you Lianne. Having the information is so empowering! I’m looking forward to sharing more of the journey. This was a small snippet of it. It also happened earlier in the year, and after six months I’m just feeling so amazing now that I’ve brought some of those deficiencies to good levels.

  8. Thank you so much for taking us on this journey with you, Natalie! That feeling of waking up tired is real…and it’s scary when you’re an entrepreneur who’s business needs you. I’m so grateful that you’re sharing this!

  9. Hi Natalie,

    This really hit home for me. I have some stressors in my life that I believe are creating some negative health effects. As you may know I got married (second marriage) in Feb. at a destination wedding in Punta Cana…fairytale wedding, but also some added stress (monetary and logistically). My middle son (25) has suffered from depression for many years and there are many ups and downs that accompany this journey. He lives at home and wasn’t working (mind you I have 3 boys and they all live at home – that’s a whole story in and of itself and oh, did I mention that my husband is a saint?). He also suffered a bad elbow dislocation that played into his not working. My oldest son (27) got engaged at our wedding and they are planning a wedding next August, lots going on with that too. My mom is 78 and has slowly been progressing in some dementia. I live about 8 minutes away and am the caregiver. I had to return to work this fall since my travel biz wasn’t making enough money to pay the bills (lots of cc debt related to my divorce), so I work full time in addition to trying to grow my business. I have suffered with some lower back pain (Degenerative Disc Disease) that has manifested in sciatica down my right leg and more specifically in my right heel making walking and driving very painful. Then my migraines have gotten worse too. I am seeing a pain specialist and we are working on sorting it all out. I am thankful it is not cancer since I have already been down that road. I do think this series will help many women. We tend to take a lot on our shoulders and forget to take care of ourselves. Thank you for being vulnerable so others can be too!

    1. Thank you for sharing Beth. That is a LOT to deal with. My wish for you is that you’ll be able to carve out a wee bit of time for yourself and for your healing. We all need that time. I’m glad to hear you are seeing a specialist. Sending lots of prayers up for you! xo

  10. This is so interesting! Excited to see the rest of the episodes – exactly what I am looking to focus on right now 🙂

  11. This is right on time! I just received an “all clear” after a cancer scare. Amazingly, it happened right after I committed to being well. My antenna is up & my heart is open. Headed over to STOTW right now! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Wonderful series! I recommend for fermented vegetables to have tempeh, sauerkraut, and miso. You can also get fermented tofu.

    I 100% recommend that you look into a plant based diet. It wil help raise those vitamin A and calcium levels. I have been on this diet for almost 2 years and I have to say that it was the BEST decision for my health (and life!). I lost weight, gained muscle (yes it’s possible!), and had more energy to take on my day. My fitness also became more easy and effective after adapting a plant based diet.
    I hope you look into it! And I will definitely download the tracker too. 🙂

  13. Hey Natalie,

    I went down a bit of a rabbit hole in landing here! Komal here from Dream, Girl!

    This year was so insane for me. We launched the film, I moved to NYC, was diagnosed with and beat cancer, took the film on tour, and ended up with a concussion last weekend. I think the universe was telling me to pause and really take my health recovery seriously and to make it a positive and fun priority.

    Thanks for sharing this, I am in the process of building my health team, and finding the energy and making the time to transform my habits to make this life more pleasurable and sustainable for me. I felt very seen watching this.

    Thank you!

    – K

    1. Hi Komal! I’m so happy to see your comment here. I know you have had a massive year. At the film premiere my jaw dropped when you mentioned you had been dealing with a cancer diagnosis while finishing the film and getting it out into the world. I’m glad to hear that you’ve put together a health team, and I’m keeping you in my prayers.

  14. Hi Natalie! So glad to hear you are focusing on your health now, my life’s passion! Health and vital energy are absolutely everything, indeed!

    But I’m wondering, do your doctors approve of you drinking coffee, that you have adrenal fatigue? The caffeine actually fires up your adrenals and the fight or flight responses, which tax them further. Plus caffeine dehydrates, which further exacerbates low energy = one of the first signs of dehydration. Coffee also initiates an adrenaline release which affects all your hormones…

    I know everyone loves coffee these days, but it offers only a ‘false fire’ response, with no vital electric energy, like green juice provides. No doubt there would be an adjustment period if you opted off caffeine, but green juice would be way more healing, restorative and boosting to your adrenals and overall health. I’d love to share a bunch of recipes with you, or any insights I’ve learned about healing and wellness. If you’d like, just let me know.

    1. Thanks for your comment. This is really only a glimpse of the entire process for the sake of time, and it’s only episode one of five. 😉 I do have a green juice every morning. My adrenal fatigue was minor, but there was a short period after my last book tour where I did a cleanse that eliminated caffeine. Beyond that, I do love my Bulletproof coffee in the morning and it has made a huge difference in my overall energy and productivity. I respect that people might disagree with my team of doctors, naturopaths, and wellness professionals. Actually, they disagree with each other on some things and I love that ! I think it’s good to get the perspectives of others and then make the best calls for yourself.

      1. LOVE that, Natalie, that you are in the game of listening to ‘your’ body! Yes, while I might differ in my ideas about some things, like some of your team does with each other, my Highest goal always is to bring my clients to an experience of vitality in their body that they clearly ‘feel’ what energizes them on a cellular level. Cheering you on and wishing you vibrant health and soaring energy! PS — Because of my 30 year journey into the studies of healing and wellness, and my commitment to share what I’ve learned about wellness over time, I would have been remiss and ‘uncaring’ if I did not respond. Love.

  15. Hi. Thanks for being so brave and sharing your behind the scenes of your book launch and your health. It is an eye opener to see what you had to do and it’s great to see you reconnecting with what will work for your health and well being . I had to laugh when you mention “grass fed”. To a kiwi like me that’s a strange term as grass fed is all we have! I was sitting here thinking “what else would you feed the cattle?”.

  16. Wow thank you for addressing this topic because it hits so close to home! I always talk about improving my health and maintaining energy throughout the day while I start my businesses, but You have helped me realize that I MUST make myself priority so that I can be all that I need to be as I share my gifts with the world. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

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