Superhuman Health Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs with Dr. Isaac Jones

Welcome back to another edition of Superhuman Entrepreneur, where we’re getting up close and personal with the amazing team of doctors responsible for helping me optimize my health, stay energized and focused, and feel great — even when I’m at my busiest in my business.

Now, I’m so excited to share these incredible people with you, so you can uncover the secrets to becoming your most productive, energized and healthy self; no matter how packed your schedule is.

Haven’t had a chance to check out our Week 1 video? Click here to explore that right now – and I’ll meet you back here.

Today, I’m introducing you to one of my favorite doctors on the planet, who’s changing the health game for entrepreneurs everywhere: Dr. Isaac Jones.

Dr. Jones is the founder of Designer Health Centers, and has pioneered methods to help leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs maximize their energy, creative output and productivity, increase their brain function, and more.

The best part? The techniques and strategies he teaches are designed to align with your busy schedule, and you can use them anywhere — so you won’t be spending hours in the gym or the kitchen, or thousands on equipment, to get incredible results.

When I finished my book tour last year, I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and depleted to a point that scared me. I knew i had to make my health my #1 priority, instead of an afterthought — and Dr. Jones’ office was one of my first stops.  

So tune in to today’s episode, and learn the simple tweaks that can not only avoid burnout in your mind and body as an entrepreneur – but also help you perform at your highest level ever.

To build on what you’ll learn throughout this series, I’ve created a downloadable “Superhuman Entrepreneur” journal designed to help you mindfully move through each day, by tracking your daily health and nourishment practices, and to help you create greater alignment — mind, body, and soul — with your heart’s intentions each step of the way. This journal is free to our community of subscribers.

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I hope you loved this episode as much as we loved filming it!

Are you feeling ready to recommit to your own health and wellbeing, and become a superhuman entrepreneur? Did you learn something new in the video? Leave us a comment below! We’d love to hear your thoughts, celebrate with you, and support you through this journey.

Love, success, and health,

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6 thoughts on “Superhuman Health Hacks for Busy Entrepreneurs with Dr. Isaac Jones

  1. I actually have blue light blocking glasses but have been forgetting to wear them. This definitely encouraged me to grab them and put them on. Will keep them on my desk so I don’t forget. I wear prescription glasses so I got a pair of blue blockers from Amazon that go over your prescription glasses. I also use the f lux app. It’s great. Enjoyed all the Wonderful tips!

  2. Hi. I loved this video! This was very relevant to me as I’m a digital nomad who is constantly on the move. I have a regular set of stretches and exercises that I do in the morning (including many that Dr Jones mentioned) regardless of where I am. The video made me realise that I could do more during the day to keep my body moving.

    I’d love to travel with a roller but they’re simply too big for a backpack. I do have a tennis ball that is great for self massage.

    I’m looking forward to future videos 🙂

  3. This is an amazing series! I just set myself a “Start Winding Down” alarm for 11 PM everyday. The exceptions to this would be when I have to attend an important call or webinar that runs later in my timezone.

    Thank you for these enlightening videos! <3

  4. I just downloaded F flux for my computer and phone …. and my eyes are already thanking me! I will be implementing some of the suggestions and tips from this video starting tonight! Many thanks!

  5. There’s so much valuable info here! I downloaded the Flux app and have the blue light timer for my phone, too. I love the quick fitness tips to get movement throughout the day!

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