Dear Future Natalie… Love, 2015 Natalie

Last week, I stumbled across a very special envelope in my desk drawer.

It wasn’t just any envelope. It was well worn from travel, and addressed to me — in my own handwriting.

For two years, I convinced myself not to tear it open… but standing in my apartment in that moment, I finally felt ready.

It was a letter from Past Natalie to Future Natalie.

I’ve been writing myself letters like this since I was 9 years old. Every time I have a big dream, make a big decision, or see a big shift on the horizon that makes me nervous, excited, and terrified all at once, I put pen to paper, and paper into envelope. Then, I refuse to open the letter again until the dream, or decision, or shift has been realized.

(I use this practice at the beginning and end of every year, too. Each time, it serves to both cement where I want to go, and — eventually! — remind me of where I’ve been.)

This was a very special letter. It was a note I penned to myself back in December of 2015, when I had just received my green card and knew I’d be heading out to the U.S. soon.

I had written myself some inspirational notes and letters when I was getting ready to make my big move, and there was one final letter that was marked “to be opened once you’re on the other side.”

Many of you have been reading about my journey, and sharing stories of your own here on the blog and on social media, and now I finally feel like I’ve made it to the other side.

… So naturally, as soon as I found this, I had to hit “record” on my camera and post it for you.

Click below to watch the video, as I open the letter for the very first time.

Have you ever written “Future You” a letter? Do you want to?

I would love you to write your future self (let’s do December 2017) a note in a comment. I’ll follow up with you on it!

I’m always fascinated by the way other people stay in touch with where they’ve been, so I hope you’ll share with me. 🙂

Now, before I go, I’ll leave you with this little prayer from 2015 Natalie:

I pray that you continue to do things like write yourself letters and stay connected to where you came from. I pray that you keep listening to your intuition, even when the guidance you receive is scary.

I pray that you remain the vessel and an open channel. I pray you experience the deepest love, the most amazing grace, and other worldly adventures that keep taking you beyond any self imposed limit and definitely beyond your comfort zone.

I pray for time to ever expand for you. I pray you’ll always leave space for magic. I pray you’ll take on a bigger vision for this stage of life.

It’s said that unshakeable faith is faith that has been shaken. After all you’ve been through, your faith is surely unshakeable. Remember that as you decide where to go from here.

Dream even bigger dreams, and have faith that you’ll have everything that you need to make these dreams happen. You always have.

Here’s to so much more. I love you so so so so much,

December 2015 Natalie

I can’t wait to hear about your practices, too. <3

See you next week!

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11 thoughts on “Dear Future Natalie… Love, 2015 Natalie

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart-felt and powerful letter. I have written a 4 page perfect day of my future self but I will now write myself a letter too. I too have made some big decisions in my business but trust my intuition and my future self knows the way. Thank you for the inspiration, I am also look forward to arriving on the other side of my destiny x

  2. Big virtual hug to you Natalie! And cheers to making it to the other side (virtual champagne glass clink). I can literally feel the sense of a great and complete exhale. What you have done takes strength, courage, and wisdom. Your transformation has been an inspiring journey. One of my favorite things about you is that I know that this isn’t where the transformational journey ends…looking forward to the next bend in the path and what it opens up for you. Many blessings to you, your team, and the tribe that supported you. Namaste.

    BTW – did you take that vacation 2015 Natalie was so adamant you take? Hope so!

  3. Awesome hearing you read your letter Natalie. I’m going to write my future self a letter next week when I’m on vacation since I too feel a big shift coming! Thanks again for sharing your vulnerable self and for continuing to inspire me!

  4. Dear December 2017 Sarah,

    If you are reading this, you are still following Natalie MacNeil (and I bet you joined another round of Conquer Club…smart girl.) I’m sure you have accomplished more than I can imagine back here a day after turning 41. More than anything, I know that you never gave up. Even when it seemed impossible, it wasn’t. Even when you just wanted to crawl into a ball and cry until it all went away, you didn’t (maybe just for a little bit.)
    You became exactly who you are meant to be at the exact time you were meant to be it. All that work to let go of your stories has paid off. I hope you have spent your time focusing on you, learning about yourself, and you have learned to shout from rooftops about how special you are and not just whisper into pillows. You are amazing and special and I know you have struggled along the way but you also know you had to do it.
    I know you are getting closer to opening the other letter I wrote today. You remember that right? It’s getting closer, I know it. Focus in. You’ve got this!
    Feel the love I’m sending, let it hold you up a little higher, and speak a little louder.
    All my love and then some,

  5. This is beautiful, Natalie! So lovely to witness you in your strength AND your vulnerability. Sending you BIG love! ❤️

  6. I LOVE that you write letters to your future self. I’ve been writing them about once a year (sometimes more often if there are big things going on) and it’s always felt like a prophetic experience when I open and read the letters. I also use to send electronic notes which are also fun to see pop up in my inbox. I once sent one 7 years into the future so it was a real treat as I’d forgotten all about it.

    To December 2017 Carin: I want you to have all that you’ve ever wanted. If for some reason I’ve fallen short on that mission, please forgive me. But something tells me that I accomplished everything that we already have in motion and because of that, you are now living that dream. Remember to always believe in yourself–there’s nothing you can’t do. xx July 2017 Carin

  7. WOW!!! Thank you for sharing such a personal ritual. Writing letters is such an Awesome idea. Kind of like a mini-time capsule,that you can open sooner than 100 years!! In our crazy fast paced lives it’s a good idea just to sit with your past self and look at what you’ve done and write about your future dreams and give yourself a little pat on the back. Your the Best! Thank you for continuing to inspire all of us. XXOX

  8. *wiping tears* thank you Natalie. And a pause now to both honour what your now and past selves have shared.

    Here is a brief note to me … thank you for this idea Natalie … certainly draws upon my deepest self.
    My note to December 2017 Vikki:

    You my irridescent Queen of Hummingbirds, fabulous and awe-inspiring Phenomenal Woman have done it! You have so much to celebrate in all that you’ve achieved this year. You made hard decisions, you took stock, you tried approaches and when those failed to deliver you tried new approaches. You asked for help when you needed it. You stood independently whilst drawing upon the love, support and encouragement of those who offered to be there for you. Well done. I know how challenging the first year has been. And how sometimes the fear has been overwhelming. I also feel that you have grown so much already and are open to the on-going learning curves to be traversed through the second half of this year. Now that you’re reading this you’ll have completed them. Rest for a moment.

    I am so proud of the pro bono work you have done with Hummingbirds globally – the joy that you receive when people realise that who they are is more than ‘alright’ that actually being a Hummingbird is AMAZING. And I’m even prouder of what you are in the middle of building at the moment to provide a service to those Hummingbirds who are seeking deeper self-awareness by taking responsibility for all of who they are so that they may step up to making positive sustainable changes in our world. I know what a challenge the journey has been for you in opening up to the value you bring and confidently charging others for that.

    And I am excited to be the future you looking at how you’ve turned the business around in the second half of 2017. By now you’ve launched this new online product and worked with your first groups of clients globally. Knowing you, you’ve already started making improvements to the content and taken your clients even deeper than they imagined possible. I have fingers, toes and eyes crossed that in December you will be paying yourself your first salary from the business. That you’ll celebrate the success of your first online programme with G and your clients. That you’ll get yourself something special during the festive season. All that you are, all that you’ve been through, all that you’ve learnt through has led you to this moment. Love you deeply, yours in anticipation and compassion, July 2017 Vikki.

  9. Dear Natalie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your letter with us. For sharing your prayer and allowing us to accompany you on your journey to becoming your next self.
    This is inspiration for me to write a congratulatory letter to me for the big changes I’ve made in the past two years, particularly the past three months and a Dear Future Julia letter congratulating me on where I want to be!
    With love and gratitude,

  10. Natalie, I absolutely love this! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing. I commend you on your strength and courage to move to LA for a brighter future. I’ve been there and I know how hard it is. I wish I had a letter from 10 years ago when I first moved here. I’m a completely transformed and intelligent woman now. I feel so inspired to write my future self a letter, as I’m on the brink of my new business and incredible changes and growth to come.

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