Should You Give Up On Your Business?

should I give up on my business

Did you have a big dream when you started your business but as time goes on that dream feels further and further out of reach, and you’re wondering if you should give up on your business altogether? This episode of She Takes on the World TV is for you.

I have given up on projects and businesses in the past when I felt it was time to move on. It’s not an easy decision to make.

Here’s the thing: Sometimes you have to trust your gut and throw in the towel. BUT, other times businesses take longer to build than you think they will, and you just have to be patient and tenacious. As Napoleon Hill said, “You might be three feet from gold.”

Now I want to hear from you: Have you ever given up on a project or business and how did you make that decision?

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6 thoughts on “Should You Give Up On Your Business?

  1. Very inspiring video and timely and yes sometimes I have felt that I am very close to striking good but then those doubts come, I often feel that pressure of ‘Go and get a real job’. But my faith and dreams keep me pushing forwards 🙂

  2. I loved this video, Natalie! I know I’ve had those struggles and even now I’m being challenged. I like to think I actually am 3 feet away from gold 🙂

  3. Hey Natalie,

    What a great video as this is a dilemma that so many of us women entrepreneurs encounter. As a single mom, I often second guess my decision to follow my passion. I need to look after something bigger than myself …. but then, I check that because I know that is what I am on track to do! There are certainly blocks for me achieving my revenue goals – but I know what they are and I am seeking ways to move beyond them, for I know, that I am only 3 feet from Gold.
    Thanks again for the informative video!

  4. Natalie, I love this!
    I recently had to decide to let go of a business and I totally agonized for months over it.
    It was actually a book- “The Zig Zag Principle”- that I read that finally convinced me to let it go. There was a quick “market viability” test in it and my business COMPLETELY failed in grand fashion! It was so funny, I had a strong intuition for a long time that my product was not a viable option, but this concrete market viability test helped confirm in VERY clear ways that my product was NOT going to make it. Questions like: “do you have exclusivity over the suppliers, are there large amounts of competitors, etc. etc.” were so clarifying for me.
    My emotional brain had known for a very long time that the product was not a good prospect, but I needed that rational confirmation as well.
    Thank you very much for this!
    Jill Therese

  5. Thanks Natalie. The story about 3 feet away was great! I feel 3 feet away right now but sometimes it feels so hard to just keep digging! It’s a great lesson. Thanks for the inspiration 😉

  6. Great job on this topic. Once, my partner and I gave up on a business by divine intervention, literally!
    We spent hours and hours building a web site, designing marketing material, creating video content, etc. We didn’t sleep for days and the one day we were supposed to flyer a convention, we completely forgot to pick up our flyers from the printer. That’s not all. When we finally got the flyers and proceeded with our mrktg campaign, I was taking groceries up to my apartment (left my trunk open) and when I got back, the entire box of flyers was stolen! Every physical item we had for the business was stolen, just like that. It was actually kind of funny.

    She and I were both initially morally conflicted on whether we should do the business, it being in the adult industry, and well, Spirit answered it for us with a big loud NO! Thank gawd!

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