Setting Goals and Visualizing Success through Mindmapping

I am pumped for 2009 and ready to take on the world. Taking on the world means setting specific goals and then working towards achieving those goals every day. Right now I’m working on 2009 mind maps for myself and my business using Mindjet MindManager Pro. Mind mapping is a great way to set and track your goals. I first started using it for project management and then realized it’s great for life management too. If you don’t want to purchase mind mapping software, Freemind is a great mind mapping program that you can download for free here.

This is my mind map from 2008:


I know it’s hard to see but you get the idea. I start with goal categories like business, personal, philanthropy, experiences, travel, and learning. Within each category I set “bigger picture” goals first. Bigger picture goals are ones that have have a deadline for 2 to 5 years. Even though the goal won’t be accomplished this year, it’s good to keep things in perspective and have a reminder of what I’m working towards. After the bigger picture goals I set micro goals. These are very specific goals with tasks, actions, and milestones that I need to accomplish. I mark my unaccomplished goals with a ‘thumbs down’ image and once it is accomplished I give it a ‘thumbs up.’

Once I’m finished my mind map I will make a vision board for the year. It’s something I always do for my birthday (which is tomorrow). I’m sure most of you know what a vision board is since it was made popular by The Secret. I will talk more about Vision Boards once mine is complete.

“To make your goals live you need to speak them out; you need to share them with other people; you need to ask others to hold you to account, to help you, to encourage you.” ~Peter Bennett

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5 thoughts on “Setting Goals and Visualizing Success through Mindmapping

  1. this mind map is very cool! i really want to make one! and i’ve heard of vision boards too -can you show us yours?

  2. kokostiletto, I’m still working on my vision board for this year. I’m hoping other readers will send me pictures of their vision boards too and then next week I will post my completed 2009 vision board along with the others.

  3. Hi from Mindjet! Love your map, how else are you using MindManager to support your goals in 2009? I’ve been thinking about vision boards for a while now, I think it’s time for me to make one too!

  4. Michael, thanks for the comment from Mindjet. I’ve used MindManager to manage projects for clients in the past and then I started using it to map out my own life and goals. I absolutely love the software! The only complaint I have is the cost. There are companies releasing similar programs for much cheaper and there are even free version out now like FreeMind. I would love to continue using MindManager but I won’t if I can use a similar program for free.

    Thanks again for the comment!

  5. I started a vision board recently that’s helped my business tremedously. Every couple of weeks my husband and I attend the CEO Space busniess convention where we get a majority of our business. We use vision boards as a way to help us stay focused on how many potential clients we need to draw in. Last time we brought in $80,000 worth of projects thanks to our vision board.

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