Being Selfish With Your Time

With the launch of my book She Takes on the World: A Guide to Being Your Own Boss, Working Happy, and Living on Purpose just around the corner, I sat down to record this video about how I’ve been keeping on top of the crazy schedule that comes with launching a book -or launching anything for that matter.

Hint: It has a lot to do with saying “no” more and learning how to stay focused. Leave a comment below and let me know what you need to say “no” to so that you can free up some time to focus on what matters.

P.S. I also announce the winner of the FIRST copy of my book from the Happy Birthday to Me Giveaway in which I asked you “What are you ready to achieve this year?”

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6 thoughts on “Being Selfish With Your Time

  1. Love this reminder Natalie, and very jelous I didn’t enter the competition to win the first copy of your book (how cool would that have been!). Jo and I have really taken onboard your teachings around milestones in our work with you during WE Mastermind – we’ve just set two major milestones for ourselves for the next 12 months and taken responsibility for one each. Suddenly life seems so much simpler!

    It feels wonderful to have such clarity, and every decision we make from here on in will be grounded in our two milestones – it will be so much easier to know what to say NO to!

    Shine on Natalie,
    J9 @leadwithpurpose:twitter

    1. Love it! I never set more than 5 big goals in a year and I really have learned that by putting all my focus and work days towards those goals it makes all the difference in the world. It took me awhile to figure that out and it sounds like you’ve found your focus much sooner so that’s great!

  2. Really looking forward to your book, Natalie.  This is such great advice that I need to take on board.  I feel that there are not enough hours in the day so the importance of focus is something I really need to take on board.

    Thanks so much for your support & wisdom

  3. Sooooo true Natalie! I do tele-summits and am a speaker, so I get tons of requests to speak for free on other people’s tele-summits, webinars, events, etc. I used to say yes to everything, thinking it’s all a great opportunity for exposure. But then I got overwhelmed and totally run down by how much time and energy I was spending on these free speeches. I think it’s really important to strike a balance between donating your time and getting paid for it.

    1. Amen sistah! I know exactly how you feel because I used to do the same. And yes, there is definitely a balance between volunteering and getting paid. You have to take care of yourself first. The way I look at, if you’re earning what you deserve to be earning you will be able to better serve the world!

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