How to Recognize the Disney Princess in Your Office

They may not whistle while they work but chances are you’ve worked alongside an employee who has all the characteristics of a Disney Princess. What could be so bad about that? Aren’t princesses usually kind and helpful? More often than not, they have a bad workplace trait ranging from laziness to bossiness leaving you forced to tell them to step it up or else they’ll get the boot, not the glass slipper. Consider this your guide to recognizing princesses around you and what you can do to help them nix the lax workplace qualities in favor of stronger ones.

The Cinderella: She’s a hard worker but so sweet that you can’t count on her to lay down the law with her department. Toughen up this employee by encouraging her to actively voice her opinion in group meetings. While you can’t make a born leader out of everyone, the simple act of believing in a person can boost their esteem and build confidence from within.

The Sleeping Beauty: This one is exactly that; zzz’ing and daydreaming on the job. Have a meeting together to see what the real deal behind the constant exhaustion is. Just daydreams? A lack of being challenged could be the answer. Form a plan to get her back in the game and focused again with new assignments.

The Jasmine: While a fast learner, she’s got a mind of her own and may be hard to convince to work on projects that she doesn’t consider to be as important. You may have to override her opinion to get to work on more pressing issues that need addressing first. State your reasons as to why you’ll be doing that clearly and that the next priority will be on her material and you should be good.

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