Ready To Ride The Big Waves In Your Business?

Natalie MacNeil talks about the business lessons learned from surfing

Today I want to talk to you about surfing. When I was in Bali hosting my retreat, a few in our group decided to take some boards out and hit the waves. I opted for a long walk on the beach instead, because I love watching people surf! (And after trying surfing once, I realized I’m a MUCH better spectator, haha!)

Anyway, it was a gorgeous day, and around sunset two guys who’d been in the water all day long caught a HUGE wave, and totally rocked it.

I chatted with them after, and they were ecstatic about their luck with that one single wave. Then one of the guys said something really surprising to me that I’ll never forget – it applies whether you’re hitting the waves or building your business. And I’m going to share that advice with you in today’s video.

Ready for surfing school? Check out my latest episode of She Takes on the World TV for three lessons you can start using in your business right now, to shift your mindset and get ready for the big waves:



Now, while I probably won’t be peeing in a wetsuit any time soon, there are some lessons we can take away from all of this in our businesses:

1. Surfers ride the small waves until a big one comes along.

This keeps them warmed up, and having fun. As entrepreneurs, we need to “ride the small waves,” too. I do this with speaking engagements so I can stay prepped for when those big breaks come along.

2. When that big wave is coming you have to SEE it and make a snap decision. Are you going to ride it, or wait to see if another one comes along?

If you wait around, you’re gonna miss out. Once you make a decision, you have to go for it with everything you’ve got! (Tweet this) Being a great leader means recognizing when an opportunity is right in front of you, and sometimes those opportunities are in disguise.

3. Surfing can teach us that we have to stay patient and present.

I love this lesson on patience in A Course in Miracles: “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.” Stop worrying about when the big opportunity is going to come, and love the moment you’re in!

Speaking of big opportunities, here’s your actionable for this week:

I want you to get warmed up for your next big “wave.” If you want to speak on big stages, start practicing on smaller stages now. If you want to land a lucrative contract with a big company, make sure you have the qualifications and reputation to land the gig when it comes along.

So, wonderful viewers: What do you need to warm up for? Please let us know in a comment below. 

Surf’s up!

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12 thoughts on “Ready To Ride The Big Waves In Your Business?

  1. No big waves just yet, but I’ve found my “beach” and I’m getting warmed up to get into the water, so I’ll be ready for the big waves which are not far away.

    PS I’d recommend pee-ing in your wetsuit ASAP – it gives you an amazing sense of freedom, like once you’ve done that then you can do anything else you choose to do 🙂

  2. Natalie, this episode is amazing! I love that you were laughing and enjoying yourself and I totally laughed along with your story. 🙂 This was perfect because I LOVE surfing and I love the lessons you gleened from it. I know surfing is in my destiny and I will be living by a beach surfing almost everyday very soon… but in the meantime, I will wait, practice, ride the small saves and prep for my big gig – cus it’s coming! 🙂

    Sending you and your team lots of love,
    Anita xoxoxo

  3. I totally agree. I think I have issues recognizing big opportunities but I did invest a lot in my business recently! Learning. Staying patient too! Love this blog post and video!

  4. What a great clip Natalie! Loved it. I’m in the warming up phase for taking the leap from my “day job” and committing myself 100% to my business! I’m still trying to get my package clearer in the minds of my clients and my own head too. I just received some great advice from a question on linked in that I asked in my community…which was to make sure you have a clear package with times, products and prices…rather than an open ended possibility, it will be easier for people to make a decision that way. So keep warming up and getting that clarity! Thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you! I always recommend packaging things into an easy-to-understand offering for your clients. You’re always where you need to be, and everything you’re doing now is surely prepping you for 100% of you time in your business xoxo

  5. LOVE this Natalie and totally in sync with what I am working on this year. I’m warming up for BIG speaking and guest expert spots:) I’ve already done some great “small waves” like speaking at the Australian Nappy Association’s mastermind event, and am all excited about some more bigger waves.. Yep, am going to be 100% ready for that BIG wave when it comes;)

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