My Quarterly and Weekly Planning Process for Entrepreneurs to Crush Any Goal

Welcome to a fresh new quarter.

That means the start of a totally new part of the year, and a fresh chance at discovering new parts of yourself and your business.

Habits are what build up successes in our lives and businesses, and are the backbone of my day to day life as an entrepreneur.

That’s why it’s so important to reflect on these little building blocks every once in a while and make sure they are in line with our ultimate vision, our higher calling and what we hope to achieve on a macro-scale.

I believe in habits and rituals SO MUCH, that I even built a planner that uses them to help you plan out your goals- big and small- week by week.

It’s called Conquer Your Year, and this week I’ve added a sneak peek of its power to my Instagram highlights.

Every week you take crucial steps to mindfully plan your action plan through 1) setting an intention 2) making priority lists and 3) setting health goals like drinking water or hitting up the yoga studio.

All of these parts add up to a solid pathway towards actual results that make major moves in your business, through small changes in your day-to-day routine.

Tune into my Insta story right now to see what my plan for the week is and how I’m going to make it happen!

If you want to plan a full quarter with me in person, move through your biggest blocks, boost your energy and capacity to serve, and transform your life and business, don’t miss my Conquer Live event happening in LA on May 18th. Tickets are going fast so grab yours now!

I’ll see you on my “story.” Remember to hit reply to my Q on Instagram. I love learning more about you and what you’re up to in the world.


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