Putting Yourself Out of Business With Alexi Panos

Do you ever think about going out of business? What about losing everything, and becoming obsolete and irrelevant?

We’re taught to avoid getting stuck in worst case scenarios as it can be destructive to our progress and usher us into cycles of fear and procrastination that keep us from making those big moves that are crucial to building our dreams. What if asking yourself how you could go out of business was a key to unlocking new ideas and improvements to make though?

That’s exactly what my friend and business partner Alexi Panos and I talk about in this week’s video!

In the video, Alexi shares her weekly ritual for staying ahead of the curve in her business and make sure she’s serving her community in the ways she wants to. Watch it here.

This is not something I recommend doing daily, or through a lens of fear and anxiety, but imagining the ways in which you could be put out of business is one of the most empowering things you can do as an entrepreneur from time to time.

Here are some questions for you as you dive into the process:

What weaknesses do your competitors find when they look at your business?

What are you not offering your audience that you could be?

In what areas is your business are you holding back, afraid to grow or try something new that’s clearly your next step?

Lean into your weaknesses and you may find your greatest strengths.

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