Project Management: Time to Get Things Done

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Determining your Tasks

Now that you have visualized your future and set goals for achieving your dreams, it’s time to break things down into manageable tasks. What do you need to do to reach each goal? As with goal-setting, write everything down and prioritize. Then, do your to-dos. It’s that simple.


Taking Time

  • Set an appointment with yourself every day. It could be 15 minutes or an afternoon. Hint: 15 minutes is more reasonable, especially for those who have a day job, family, other responsibilities, and are building a business on the side.
  • Put it in your calendar … in ink! If you skip a doctor’s appointment or a spa date, they’ll charge you. You deserve the same respect. Keep the appointments you make with yourself.


Marking Time

  • If your schedule is such that you are unable to nail down specific times to work on your business, that’s okay—as long as you still find pockets of time every day. Then, enter what you worked on and for how long into your calendar. Hint: Use time spent in traffic or waiting in long lines to think about your business.
  • Tracking your progress will keep you focused and help to build-up momentum.



  • Invest in a kitchen timer. This way, when you only have a limited time to work, you are not spending it looking at the clock.
  • Get a notebook or voice recorder. There’s nothing like them for capturing inspiration on the go.

Whether you are starting a business, growing a career, or taking your passion-project to the next level, it is essential to take time on a regular basis to work towards your future.

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  1. Hi, Thank you for making this post It’s a great help in breaking things down in different stages to accomplish the task best way to manage time in any project.

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