Why Being Positive Pays in the Workplace

How do you feel when a coworker compliments your outfit? How about when your supervisor sends out a friendly email to the entire company praising your hard work on a tough project? Or when your department is stressed out on the deadline for an assignment but still finds the time to send one another a hilarious cat video on YouTube? Positivity comes in many forms in the workplace and there’s something to be said about having a genuinely great attitude at work. The attitude you project has an awesome reflection effect: it reflects upon you and your personality, onto the people who surround you daily, and even onto the company you work for. Positivity pays, and even though it may not always be easy to manage, I know of a few surefire simple ways to shine a light into any office.


Did you know that when you frown you use more muscles to do that than when you smile? Save those extra muscles for spin class and get your grin on instead.


It’s the best medicine and the most infectious for a reason – who said that the workplace can’t have a strong funny bone to push it forward? Laughter bonds people together just as much as any group activity or department project does and at the same time, works to create an inside joke between you and your team, one that you’ll probably be bringing up for years to come!

Say “Thank You”

Nothing tells someone that you appreciate them and what they do better than when you acknowledge it. Do this one daily. Leave no one behind either.

Kick Faux Happiness to the Curb

Be you. Don’t worry that if you don’t run in through the door every morning singing and tossing rose petals around nobody will like you. To thine own self be true, after all!

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2 thoughts on “Why Being Positive Pays in the Workplace

  1. This is just one of the most insightful posts I’ve ever come across today. Apart from smiling and saying thanks, I also recommend giving a simple compliment or two. It just makes the whole workplace a nicer place!

  2. People respond to the energy you’re giving off, and choosing to come from a positive place makes all the difference. Smile and be appreciative to others. 

    P.S. Found your site on Forbes Top 100 websites for women 2012 – Congratulations!

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