How To Pitch It Like You Mean It

Whether you’re down to the wire in a 30 seconds or less elevator pitch or emailing media contacts from a PR firm looking to snag one to feature your client in a story, pitching has never been on a time constraint now more than ever. Don’t let the clock scare you – I like to keep three big C’s in mind when it comes to putting your best foot forward and making yourself unforgettable in the process.

Keep Confident

Meeting a group of new people is an intimidating experience, especially if it seems like everyone in the group is extremely established and knows one another. Stay confident, open, and friendly when discussing what you do and what you have to offer when pitching yourself, your company, or your client.

Get Creative

Who said you needed to make a pitch the old fashioned way anyway? Get creative when it comes to your business! If your start-up just got off the ground, bring along trial size samples of your product to a networking event attached to your business card and pass them out so people can get familiar with what you have to offer. If you work at a PR firm and have a writer who lives nearby interested in writing up a juice client of yours, offer to hand deliver a fresh squeezed bottle to their doorstep!

Stay Connected

Maybe the pitch didn’t bite the first time around but that doesn’t mean that you won’t stay on someone’s mind for some time to come. Keep a business card on you, business cards, at all times with all of your necessary contact information included. I recommend including your Facebook and Twitter URL’s on the card too – reaching out online is just as good as doing it in person!

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