Personality Type: The Secret to Finding a Truly Satisfying Career Part 2

This is the second part of two guest posts by Paul D. Tieger. Read the first post on personality type here. The author of five books on Personality type and the preeminent expert in this field, Paul has helped over one million people find career satisfaction and success. Paul is also the creator of and the Assessment, a quick and accurate instrument which has been validated by over fifty thousand online users.

Personality Type is not new. It’s been around for more than fifty years. Nor is it some whacky pop-psychology fad. If it were, it wouldn’t be used daily by eighty-nine percent of the Fortune 100 Companies to help their employees be more productive and successful in their careers.

You might ask: “If matching a career with my values, interests and skills doesn’t work, how does knowing my Personality Type help?” For two reasons: first (unlike the other three) your Type does not change. Sure, you mature as you grow older, but your core needs, the way you’re hardwired to think and act, what motivates and is important to you, your natural, in-born talents as well as those activities that energize and drain you, all remains constant. For example, the quiet, thoughtful five-year old who loved reading science fiction and assembling model space ships, might grow up to be a very satisfied and successful scientist. Likewise, the outgoing, persuasive seven year-old who sold more Girl Scout cookies than anyone else in her school, may well turn out be a top business development person.

Second, when your job is a good fit for your type, it energizes you. You look forward to going to work and are much more likely to succeed. The opposite is also true. When your job is not a good fit for your type, your work drains your energy, makes you prone to burnout and you’re much less likely to be successful.

Maybe you’ve overheard people talking in what sounded like an “alphabet soup” of letters: “ESTJs…”INFPs”….These actually stand for two of the sixteen types. Learning about your type can help you in real and concrete ways including, understanding just what you need in a career for it to be satisfying, determining which careers work best for you, knowing how to capitalize on your work-related strengths compensate for your weaknesses, and using your strengths to conduct a much more successful job search.

If you’re curious to know your type and which careers are right for you, simply log onto to take a free, quick and accurate personality type assessment. It will definitely change the way you think about work… forever.

I would just like to thank Paul Tieger for writing these posts. Knowing your personality type gives you an idea of what kind of business you would be good at running as well for any entrepreneurs out there who are still wondering what type of business you should start. What is your opinion on personality type and career satisfaction? Do you think knowing your personality type can help you make a better decision about what you want to do in your life?

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