Oprah: The Giveaway Master

My company has had a lot of ‘free’ on the brain as of late.  We’ve always been a fan of giveaways and have administered quite a few throughout the years, usually all resulting in great success. It’s around that time again for us so I find myself looking to one of my biggest television idols who has crafted the art of the giveaway down to a science and made it a pillar of her personal brand: Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah is the freebie queen, the giveaway sultan, the complimentary God. I can only hope that by watching her re-runs of giveaways some of her giveaway savvy will rub off onto me.

So this post is in honor of Oprah and her top fabulous giveaways. We, as small business owners, can only hope to someday find ourselves fortunate enough to hand out gifts for the pure fact that we like to see our customers happy, as opposed to a business tactic (with, of course, the added bonus of seeing our customers smile).


Yes, in the 26th season of the Oprah Winfrey show that gem of a lady flew an entire audience to Australia for 8 days of fun down-under.  I’ve always loved her exposition of the giveaway, too.  For this one she was all casual and posed it to the audience as, “So I’ve been thinking I want to do a show down-under. What do you all think? *Insert positive responses: cheering, clapping, etc. * “Well…how would you all LIKE TO COME WITH ME?!” She always begins so casually then breaks into a slow passionate yelling as she gets to the climax of the statement. Beautiful execution.

KFC for America

In one particular show in 2009, Oprah allowed anyone who downloaded a coupon from her website to go out and get themselves some free KFC. Notice that’s anyone that can get a hold of a computer, not just the audience! Oprah took into account the trying economic times we had all found ourselves in and gave stressed mothers and fathers a night off by treating our entire country to a night of Colonel Sanders specialty.

“You get a car! You get a car! Everybody gets a car!”

It’s on the verge of blasphemous to speak of Oprah and giveaways and not mention the episode where Oprah gave her entire audience brand new cars.  Besides making a room full of people feel like the luckiest audience on television, she coined the above bolded phrase, and for that we thank her.

When looking to Ms. Winfrey for giveaway inspiration or even business inspiration in general, remember she once said, “You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.” Well, that is unless you happened to be in the audience of one of her holiday specials.

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4 thoughts on “Oprah: The Giveaway Master

  1. I love how generous Oprah is and seeing how much joy she gets from giving things away. it’s a great lesson. I am currently giving away copies of my new ebook Sassy Decorating Secrets: A Diva’s Guide to Interior Design and Feng Shui on my blog The Diva’s Home. Just be one of the first ten to leave a comment on the latest blog post for your copy! 

  2. Amazing Oprah! The Giveaway Master http://t.co/GY0ZbzNk When she gave gifts to her audience, I felt excited for them! Yes, wished I could have been there for the car! 🙂 Her generosity amazed me many times!!

  3. Since giveaways are the season now can I interest anyone to giveaway a REAL work at home job? Been looking for sooo long and out of places to search.  No sales or advertising comments please!Someone be my Oprah! Thanks! Hope everyone has the warmest and most magical holiday season!

  4. Oprah, along with Michael Port…another brilliant mind and mentor have taught me the great value that giving away-sharing your info, products, mind and time has in building lasting relationships. I subscribe fully to the idea that ‘Givers Gain’, and by gain, i don’t just mean financially. It’s “karma, baby!”

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