Lessons from an Evening with Marianne Williamson

Last week I had the opportunity of attending an evening with Gabrielle Bernstein and Marianne Williamson, two role models of mine. These two women helped me completely transform the way I see myself and relate to my body, and they paved the way for me to turn to a source of wisdom and healing I never thought I’d read or even acknowledge.

For those of you who don’t know, Gabrielle Bernstein and Marianne Williamson are miracle workers and teachers of the metaphysical book, A Course in Miracles.

When I stumbled upon A Course in Miracles at the end of last year, I was not in a good place. I had just separated from my husband and relapsed into my eating disorder. In short, I was a bit of a mess. The book – so foreign in its language, so strange to my rational German mind, and so unlike anything I’d ever read – changed my perspective and with that, my life.

As a result of studying A Course in Miracles, I feel free and more than that, I feel relieved; relieved that I don’t have to control everything, relieved that I don’t have to know everything, and relieved that I don’t have to do everything on my own. These changes in my perception have had a huge impact on my business and my personal life, which is why going to that event felt so exciting and meaningful to me.

It was an energetic evening, full of great discussions, inspiration, and radical calls to action.

Marianne spoke for about an hour on our role and responsibility as women to change this world. Here are a few of her lessons:

1. Now is the time

Now is the time for change. The time for waiting and thinking and reflecting is over. It’s time for us women to act, to take a stand for what is wrong and what is right, to help and heal this world, and to awaken those who are still sleeping. Now is the time to do something!

2. Collaborate

Radical and lasting change is not going to happen if we work alone. Only by sharing our resources, by working with each other, we will be able to change the course of humanity. It’s time we stop stabbing each other in the back, being jealous, and standing in each others’ way. Instead, let’s help each other. Let’s cheer each other on and let’s all proclaim: You go, girl! I’m here for you with a helping hand! So, if you see a sister, friend, or co-worker create meaningful work, encourage her, speak up for her. Help her to spread her message and live her mission. The more we strengthen each other, the better.

3. Listen to your inner guidance

All the knowledge, confidence, and trust we need to change the world is already inside of us. All we have to do is listen. If you don’t have a meditation routine just yet, start today. Give yourself the time to turn inward and just be. Even if it’s only for five minutes, it’ll help you to connect with your core, your spirit, or God, whatever you want to call it. The more you do it, the more in tune with your true purpose you’ll be.

4. Commit wholeheartedly

Change and disruption of the norm is not always easy, right? It makes you do things that are hard, and it takes work and a lot of strength. It’s easy to give up and move on with your life, leaving undone what really matters. But pushing through the feelings of being uncomfortable, going beyond what you think you can do, is worth it. So, embrace change with the knowledge that this is going to make an impact, that this is going to help you and this world grow and move forward instead of staying stuck.

5. We need YOU

Don’t think that you’re not worthy or valuable enough to create change and be part of this powerful movement. We need every helping hand and you’re just as worthy and valuable as everyone else. Don’t forget that we’re all the same and we’re all powerful beyond our wildest dreams. Tap into that power and trust in yourself. This world needs you.

So, what are YOU going to do to heal this world? What action are you going to take to make an impact and let the world see who you really are?

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3 thoughts on “Lessons from an Evening with Marianne Williamson

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Did you pick up The Course in Miracles book by Marianne William or Gabrielle Bernstein? I appreciate your honesty in your own life. I am going through a life challenge and need help moving forward in a positive direction.

    1. Hey Tara, yes, I am working my way through ACIM and it’s so transformational. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a rough time. Email me if you want to chat. Much love

      1. I have also been a student of A Course in Miracles for the last two years and it is definitely transformational. It has made a huge difference in my mindset and the way I approach my business and life.

        P.S. A Course in Miracles was scribed by Helen Schucman, although many say it’s Marianne Williamson’s book. She didn’t write it but she sure brought a lot more attention to it 😉

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