New Goals for a New Year: Taking on 2011

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A GOAL is defined as being “the end toward which effort is directed”. As 2011 approaches the need to reflect on both the goals accomplished from 2010 and those which have not yet been accomplished is here. It is time to plan or perhaps readjust your plans to obtain the goals you wish to accomplish in this new year. This may mean working harder towards the efforts of those goals not achieved in the year past or reevaluating the importance of where you are now, at the face of 2011.

Create a Plan:

Because goals are efforts towards a directed outcome, we know that a goal can not be executed without a proper plan in place. Personally, my goals are broken down into four categories. Furtheremore, my yearly plan is supported by a bimonthly, incremental schedule of check-ins, which help to keep me on track.

I develop my goal document in an excel spreadsheet and create seperate tabs for each Big Picture Goal. Within each spreadsheet tab I keep close track of what was successful, what was unsuccessful and what may improve these efforts for new goals in the upcoming year.

Find an Accountability Partner:

You have a plan in place and there are bimonthly check-ins scheduled for your goals, now you need to be held accountable. An accountability partner is someone you choose and you trust to help keep you on track with your overall objectives; you may find yourself needing accountability partners for more than just your 2011 goals. Send your accountability partner your spreadsheet and ask them to send you theirs. Having an accountability partner to brainstorm, strategize and discuss your goals with will better equip you with the support you may find yourself needing.

Take on Your Goals:

Stay focused on your schedule, work to accomplish each mini-goal listed within your bimonthly micro-plan and readjust as necessary, without compromising your overall objective.

Having a clear and outlined plan helps hold me accountable, what are your goals for 2011 and how can She Takes on the World help support them? Whatever your goals may be, all of us at She Takes on the World wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2011.
Here’s to taking on your goals!

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9 thoughts on “New Goals for a New Year: Taking on 2011

  1. With your love of MS Excel, we must be kindred spirits! 🙂 I agree that charting out goals definitely helps you to hit them. I also list out family, spiritual, and relational. This past year I built a vision board and hung it up in my office so that I could look at it everyday. One of my 2010 goals was to become debt-free, and I definitely hit that one! Good stuff, Kristen. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Wow, great tips Kristen. I especially love the chart. A great way to really visualize your plan.

    Love your work!


  3. Hi Kristen,

    Thank you for this insightful post. I think you’re spot on about having an accountability partner. It is very easy to create goals, strategies, and plans. It is not always so easy to follow through. Having someone available to hold you accountable and challenge you when necessary can make all the difference in the level of commitment you bring to your intentions and actions.

  4. That is a great chart! And I really think it is so important to measure success and re-evaluate and adjust. My goals are, of course weight loss, but also business building and continuing education. Happy New Year!

  5. Nice work Kristen! Writing them out (the more specific, the better) & having someone keep you accountable are definite ways to ensure accomplishing your goals. It’s about setting yourself up for success right?

  6. Excellent post! Goals are dreams with deadlines – so this simple formula outlined above is stellar! Mastery of goal-setting is a major indicator of impending success! Love it!

  7. Great tips and I think the chart will really help me with re-evaluating my goals throughout the year. I like the idea of having an accountability partner as well. Thanks for sharing!

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