The Nature of Work in 2020

Locally and globally, we continue to see that the nature of jobs is profoundly changing, and what we do in order to earn our incomes, and how we do it, will never be the same. In the evolving world of work, everything is in motion.

Technology is radically changing the nature of work — e.g., artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biometric security, sensor-driven smart buildings, unified communications, and other breakthroughs like the ability for people to wear or even implant digital devices. According to initial findings from CoreNet Global‘s comprehensive and futuristic look at the workplace, here are some of the ways in which the workplace of 2020 will change:

  • BYOT

    : More employees will “bring their own technology” with them to work, and the workplace will shift to wherever an employee is located. BYOT will effect the size and design of the corporate office, as fewer square feet per employee will be needed.

  • Biometric-Based Security

    : Personal, biological identifiers will provide employees access to important information, thereby representing another breakthrough for changing the way we work.

  • Predictive Modeling

    : Predictive modeling technologies will be used to more effectively forecast future demand for office space, among many other things. As these techniques continue to improve, they are increasingly driving efficiency, creating opportunities for increased sales, improving risk management, and mitigating strategic risks.

  • Brick and Mortar Offices Take a Back Seat

    :  Work will increasingly go to where people are located; people won’t necessarily go to work. But that won’t diminish the importance of place, because people and companies alike, still need human interaction to thrive.

All of this means there will have to be evolutionary change, if not revolutionary change, in the way people are prepared for work, for life, and for life between jobs and after work.

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