Grow Your Business With My Product Pyramid

Natalie MacNeil presents her product pyramid for organizing the product offerings you want to deliver to your clients

Do you feel your business isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like it to be? Or is your revenue really low even though you’ve created all this great stuff for people? It might be a good time to re-assess your product strategy.

I think one of the biggest barriers to business growth is not offering the *right* product or service to your audience. Until you’ve got that right, you’re holding yourself back from your fullest potential.

In today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV I’m sharing my Product Pyramid, which I use to create cohesive products and packages for my company and my clients’ businesses, too.

Watch it right here, and then download the free worksheet below to go along with this episode:

Want a copy of the very same Product Pyramid worksheet I use? Send me your name and email address and I’ll shoot it right over to you!

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10 thoughts on “Grow Your Business With My Product Pyramid

  1. I love the notion of a tiered strategy, and I find it incredibly helpful to utilize it. I struggle with narrowing down to three products that I am interested in. I have so many things I want to offer and put out into the world.

    I’m focusing my 2014 on my current products, and need to create a tier one product. And quickly. I agree with you that building a close knit relationship with my list and followers, will help me move forward as a business owner.

    My one question though is…Is there ever a reason to have MORE than three products? A number of coaches have multiple tiers of ‘Work with Me’.

    1. Yes!!! So what I didn’t mention here and what I do with my clients, is create one of these for every new offering too. I think businesses should start off focused on just the three: a lower price range, mid price range, and then a high ticket VIP product. Once you’ve had success there you should absolutely create more products. For each new product you have an idea for, I think it’s important to fill out the pyramid and determine a free lead generating offer for the product you want to sell and then also follow-up products. Some businesses end up having multiple product pyramids, which is really just the overall sales funnel and strategy on a basic level. I hope that makes sense 🙂 Makenna, we’ll dive more into this in The Concord this year!

  2. Hi Natalie,
    I am in a direct selling business and am very sensitive to the word “pyramid.” Although I enjoy the advice you give, I’m not sure using that word was a good idea….I’m just saying!

    1. Product triangle maybe?! I get that pyramids and direct selling don’t have a great relationship because of the sleazy sales and marketing tactics of a few that gave direct selling a bad rap, but this is how I plan my business! 🙂

  3. Although, I am not a coach, I really appreciated these tips – I’ve have been thinking about my tier 1 product for a while, now it’s moved to the top of the priority list alongside designing 2 and 3. Thank you.

  4. Love this! The visual was really helpful for me to conceptualizer the flow of sales. I’m creating a new tier one currently and am now more inspired to move forward. Thanks!

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