The 4 Mistakes That Limit Your Success As A Coach

You became a coach because you want to help others. You have something special to offer, something that you truly believe will make a difference in people’s lives. But being a coach nowadays can feel like being just another box in the cereal aisle. What can you do to stand out when there are hundreds of other coaches all claiming they can get clients the same results?

In my experience, I’ve found there are common mistakes many coaches make that hold them back from being as successful as they could be. To help you stand out from the crowd, avoid these four pitfalls so you can allow all that precious energy you put into growing your business to actually get you somewhere:

1. You don’t give anything away

Did you just come up with a brilliant idea, something that you think may well be the seed for your next 6-figure course?

Fantastic. Now go share it!

But how am I ever going to make any money if I give everything away for free?

I’m not asking you to give everything away for free.

I’m just telling you to give out your best ideas. And not necessarily for free. You can ask people to subscribe to a list or give them away in a webinar where you also make a pitch for the 6-figure course.

Here’s the thing with ideas: Their versatility is incredible. You can share the basic idea in a blog post, create a manifesto based on it for your list, turn it into a rough step-by-step process for a webinar, build a detailed process with questions and worksheets in a course, and finally develop it into a personalized action plan with your group or 1:1 clients.

Here’s the thing with you: You will have many more ideas. No matter how much you’re afraid that this is the end-all-be-all of your business, I can assure you it’s not. Good ideas birth great ideas. Good ideas shared birth even greater ideas, because they encourage interaction and discussion and force you to squeeze out every last bit of benefit from every concept. And that is efficiency, and gives you the most “bang” for your ideas.

Sharing your best ideas also does something else that’s very important: it shows your clients that you offer value. Because you are freely sharing your ideas they can also be sure that you will be incredibly generous when they are paying you. And convincing your clients that you will give them a ton of value for their money is more than half of the battle to getting them to work with you.

2. You hide behind the veil of “professionalism”

Marketing as we’ve known it for years and years is gone. Let’s face it. We can smell hype from miles away and have seen one too many ads for “this one trick that will make you so rich and famous you’ll wipe your butt with gold” to believe them.

What people want now isn’t promises. It’s results. People want authenticity. A genuine person at the other end of the line. Someone who’s willing to admit that they fell flat on their face more times than they’re comfortable admitting.

Being “professional” is much easier than baring your soul for people to see. But, if you were your ideal client, who would you rather you give your money to?

Authenticity is refreshing. People crave a personal connection, someone who isn’t going to use the internet as a veil to hide themselves behind. Someone who is going to step out of their comfort zone to create that connection and offer some real advice. Now the only question that remains is, are you going to offer them that connection?

3. You wait until you’re “ready”

Your list is small. You don’t quite have it all figured out yet. You want to have just a few more clients, first. What if no one signs up? What if your course/webinar is so bad that people throw rotten tomatoes at you and everyone demands their money back?

Yes, I know all of these excuses (just ask me why)!

And they’re just that…excuses. They’re your ego trying to keep you in your comfort zone.

Think of your fear as an overprotective mom. It wants to keep you safe, at any price! But is your dream to stay safe? Or is it to soar, grow, and expand as much as possible? Growth requires risk. Without taking the chance, you will never know how successful you could be.

Sure, you might fail the first time. If that happens, at least you will have learned a lot. The wound will heal, I promise. But the kind of learning that comes from going out there and throwing yourself into new situations in spite of your fear doesn’t come any other way.

If you want to grow, and you want to grow fast, then you have to push yourself to your limit, over and over again. You have to show this overprotective ego-mom that she can nag all she wants – you’re going to go out there anyway. And you’re going to make success happen, no matter what.

The battle scars? They’ll make for great stories and laughs later on. You’ll get over them. And chances are, you’ll have a lot fewer than you think.

4. You charge too little

When you see someone who is charging a lot for a program or a service, do you squirm in your seat because you just know you would benefit so much from that? I know I do. And when I pay more for a product or coaching session, I also work twice as hard to get my money’s worth.

Do I attribute the resulting success only to myself? Hell no. That credit goes to the person who pushed me so hard as to get those results in the first place. Charging more will not only bring you more clients, it will also make those clients listen to you more intently and work that much harder.

If you’re comfortable with what you’re charging, that’s a sign to step up your game. Charge the amount that feels like a stretch (and will make you work hard to deliver 10x the value and to keep investing time, energy and money in your own development as a coach), but not so high that you’ll sabotage yourself out of getting clients because you’re afraid you won’t deliver.

Share your insight!

Are you making any of these mistakes? Which is the first one you’re going to tackle, and how?

Are there other mistakes you’ve made? Share your experience!


Laura G. Jones is an authentic life coach, inner wisdom expert, and creative business strategist at Link to Yourself. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs find happiness, fulfillment, and success through vibrant authenticity. Download her free manifesto, The Ultimate Guide to a Vibrant Life, and learn more about the power of authenticity at

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