Good Pitch Vs. Bad Pitch

Natalie MacNeil talks about what makes a great pitch

Ciao from Italy! Right now I’m exploring the gorgeous island of Capri…Blue Grotto in Capri





Natalie MacNeil in Amalfi, Italy


…and the town of Amalfi (right). These clouds! This sea! The colors! Amalfi always lights me up. Written at my feet: “La vita e un sogno” – “life is but a dream.” Yup, feels that way right now. 

Last week I was in Cannes, France for some big meetings as we expand what we offer through She Takes on the World TV and develop another project that we’ll be revealing soon.




Natalie MacNeil in Antibes

(Left) I’m perched here journaling in the port of Antibes, France getting ready for epic days of meetings and events ahead. It helped me tap into the confidence that closes deals and makes big things happen. You can’t do that from a frantic place.

Next up, I’ll be heading to visit The Conquer Academy in Tanzania that we helped build through The Conquer Club. Want to keep up with my travels? I would love for you to follow my adventures on Instagram @nataliemacneil.


Now, on to this week’s episode…Today on She Takes on the World TV, we’re talking more about what it takes to get great press. Since releasing my first episode about getting press, I’ve received a lot of questions about what makes for a good pitch letter, and how media pitching works. So today I’m going to walk you through what a great pitch looks like (and give you an example of a not-so-great-one, too).

I’ll also share:

  • How to capture an editor’s attention right from the beginning
  • Why your pitch has to be about THEM, not you
  • The absolute worst mistake to make when starting a pitch (avoid this at all costs)


Remember, a great pitch is going to pique their attention and leave them wanting more. (Click to tweet!)

Use these tips as you pitch to bloggers and media outlets, and I have no doubt you’ll be getting the press you deserve in no time at all. Let me know in a comment below which tip you like best, or share your own tips for getting awesome press.

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It’s an honor to be in your orbit.

Cosmic hugs,

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4 thoughts on “Good Pitch Vs. Bad Pitch

  1. Again, thank you for your video. I think it is really great when you give specific examples like this, it helps.
    Now I have a question… You say that we shouldn’t be asking in our pitch about linking to our website or it is a good thing that we don’t talk about sales… But the bottom line is that there is an interest… it is a win win situation..
    What would be the best way to ask for a favor in return ?
    Thanks, 🙂

    Sofia Abdelkafi R.D

  2. Great tips! The specific examples make it SO obvious why one sparked your interest and one did not. It is a mindshift for a lot of people to put all of the focus on YOU, and not themselves, but so powerful once an entrepreneur starts thinking that way. It is really what I believe effective marketing and self promotion is all about. Awesome video! Thank you.

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