Can B-School Change Your Life? B-School 2019 Review

You’ve probably heard about B-School from friends, people you follow, and other online entrepreneurs you admire because there are over 40,000 B-School grads around the world (including me).

In case you haven’t heard of B-School, it’s an 8-week business training program for modern entrepreneurs. It helps you turn your blossoming online presence into your own little empire that makes a difference in the world.

Today I want to share more about the program with you, answer your questions, and tell you how you can get access to both B-School AND my B-School Mastermind to take your business to soaring new heights this year.

And if you have more questions about how B-School and my B-School Mastermind can support you in growing your business, you can contact me directly at and I’ll personally respond.

Every entrepreneur truly making a difference in the world has a deeper “why.” Let’s start there.

You probably know Marie from MarieTV every Tuesday, or maybe you’ve seen her on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. Marie is quite simply a business rockstar, and what I love most about her is that she truly cares about people and making an impact. Check out the clip below of Marie talking about her “why” behind B-School.

What is the B-School curriculum?

B-School is an 8-week program for modern entrepreneurs. The curriculum includes implementation weeks so that you have time to put learning into action.

The B-School modules include:

1) Profit Clarity
2) Websites That Sell and Don’t Suck
3) Slam Dunk Communication Plan
4) List Building Mania
5) How to Create Products and Services That Practically Sell Themselves
6) Timeless Marketing Wisdom That Works Across Every Industry

Marie also offers advanced bonus training modules on everything from PR, DYI Tech Training, Social Media, Productivity, How to Get Outstanding Testimonials, Behind The Scenes of the B-School Launch, and more. There are new updates and bonus trainings added every year, and what’s cool is that your enrollment comes with lifetime access so you invest one time and can take the program again each year for no additional cost. I’ve been taking B-School for years!

Get a full program tour of B-School here.

Marie Forleo International, Inc.

Is B-School worth it?

B-School is an investment, no doubt about that. I get that it can be really scary to invest money into your business not knowing the exact result you’ll get. Here’s the thing: investing in learning from those who have been where you want to go is essential to your growth and success.

And in B-School, success stories are not rare. They’re the norm! Read thousands of success stories and case studies here.

How do I know if B-School is right for me?

Every year Marie’s team and mine get a lot of questions about whether B-School is right for certain businesses and individuals.

There are sooooo many different types of businesses in B-School – brand new ones, seasoned veterans looking to innovate, brick and mortar businesses, e-commerce businesses, I could go on and on!

If this question is keeping you from joining, if the program seems too big, if the modules seem like waaaay beyond your capabilities right now – I promise you they’re not. If you want to chat about whether B-School is right for you, you can email me directly at and I’ll personally reply. You can also talk to Marie’s team at

So you might be wondering what you can expect from B-School, and if it’s as life-changing as people say it is. The answer is a resounded YES. Be prepared to…

Get outside your comfort zone. This is where all the magic happens. I’ve grown the most personally and professionally by getting comfortable being uncomfortable. There will always be a bit of fear when you’re chasing your goals, and that fear is when you know you’re dreaming big enough.

Get to work and play with awesome people. I truly believe in the saying, “you’re the sum of the five people you speak to most.” (If you talk to 100 like-minded, like-hearted people on a regular basis through networks like B-School, even better!) In business and life, you need to surround yourself with people who are going to raise you up. Period.

Learn from a mentor a few steps ahead of you. “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” That’s a quote I love, and I wish we knew who said it. Every entrepreneur can benefit from mentorship and Marie Forleo is definitely a few steps ahead of most of us. I’ve personally learned so much from Marie, and I know you will too. Mentors have been where you want to go, and their experience and guidance is so crucial to put you on the fast-track to success.

It would also be my honor to join your team of mentors inside my best B-School bonus experience yet.

Ready for a life and biz-changing experience? Join me in B-School this year.

From talking to hundreds of women I’ve met who have gone through B-School, I know exactly what they wish they would have had during and after the B-School experience. When you join B-School through me, you’ll get access to my intimate B-School Mastermind group that will meet on a video conference line after every new module is released. During our time together, you’ll get personalized support and hot seat coaching. You’ll also be getting a ticket to an in-person, live event that will take place at the end of B-School in Los Angeles so we can map out where you’ll take your business next.

Get all the details on my B-School Mastermind group here + read about the results of past grads I’ve coached through the program.

“If you have built castles in the air your work need not be lost, that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau

B-School and my bonuses will put foundations under your deepest desires, and biggest dreams.

You + Me + Marie, together we’ve got this. B-School is only open until March 1st so sign up today.

If you have any questions in the meantime, you can reach me directly at and I’ll personally respond.

Loads of love + gratitude,

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Disclaimer: I’m a proud partner of B-School, and I earn an affiliate commission for my referrals. That’s why I’m able to offer you a generous bonus when you join B-School through me. I don’t take your trust lightly, and I rarely recommend programs. I know Marie and B-School will exceed all your expectations, and that my bonus offer will make your B-School experience the best it can be. That’s why I’m 100% confident in making this recommendation.

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  1. Oh wow, what an awesome package! I’m already a B Schooler and just love it. I highly recommend it.
    Have also been meaning to write to tell you how much I adore your meditation CD. It’s part of my daily routine now. x

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