On Top of Her Game: An Interview With Latham Thomas

Latham Thomas Interview

A few months ago I started seeing Latham Thomas everywhere.

Turn on the TV, there’s Latham. Open an email from a list I subscribe to, there she is. Read some articles on one of my favorite websites, there’s Latham again. So when she reached out to me recently I just knew I had to chat with this niche dominatrix for She Takes on the World TV.

We had a great conversation after I stopped recording the interview, which I really wish I had captured. I included some of those gems below the interview to help you carve out a niche and rise to the top of your industry too.

Want to become a niche celebrity and follow in Latham’s footsteps?

Expect the unexpected, and stop worrying about finding your purpose. Latham didn’t know she would end up working with expecting mothers until she was pregnant with her first child and developed a passion for holistic lifestyle during pregnancy. It was an unexpected surprise to get that excited about the niche, which brings me to the next point Latham emphasizes…

Start with what you’re really excited about. Latham says, “Just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean you should do it. You can’t just like what you’re doing, you have to absolutely love it.” What gets you all fired up?

Create a brand philosophy. Let your customers know what you stand for and what your company values are. This will help you attract clients who share those values, and get them excited about working with your company.

Get super specific on your niche. If you want to work with your ideal customers, you need to target a laser focused niche. As a holistic nutritionist and yoga instructor, Latham’s expertise could help the masses but she focuses on holistic nutrition and lifestyle for expecting mothers. When you stay focused you’re more likely to have a steady stream of work and get more press.

If you need a little help focusing your niche, check out my 20 Questions to Help You Create a Customer Profile.

Focus on being of service and the money will come. This has proven to be true in the growth of my company too, and Latham and I had a great conversation about how important this is to set the intention to be of service every day.

Reach out to others who share your Brand DNA. Most of the time if a company or person shares your Brand DNA you look at them as a competitor, not a collaboration-waiting-to-happen. If you shift your mindset and approach the other power players in your niche you’ll be able to make a lot of magic happen, as Latham has done. She says, “Reach out to folks who can help you and vice versa. Focus on how you can help the other person or company. When you help others then your support system shows up.”

Setting an intention to be of service will help you land major media effortlessly. Latham says, “I believe in building strong relationships and helping others, and they return the love and do the same for me which has created a grassroots movement with my brand at the center.”

You can connect to Latham at MamaGlow.com.

We would love to hear from you in a comment below: How did you find your niche and how has it changed since you first started your business?

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2 thoughts on “On Top of Her Game: An Interview With Latham Thomas

  1. Amen to “just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should be doing that”! I tend to be good at things that don’t interest me or even that I really dislike doing. But it’s very hard to find the combo of “I love this!” and “I’m good at this!” and “I can make great money doing this!”

    1. It was an important lesson for me to learn too Karen! Many of my mentors say they became so successful because they focused on just a few things that they loved, were amazing at, and could make money doing. Everything else got delegated to someone else.

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