Just Be Quiet…And Practice.

Our mind can be our most faithful ally or our most dangerous enemy.

It is one of the most powerful; if not the most powerful tools we have to shape and mold our life.

As life unravels, we choose how we will think of the elements that come together to form our experience.

One of the things I have been working into my morning and evening routine to work in partnership with my mind and keep me grounded in the moment is the practice of regular meditation.

Meditation is an overly decorated word that really just means, taking time to sit and be quiet.

I refer to it as the practice of regular mediation because it takes practice to consciously recognize and make a choice to bring your mind back to the moment every time it wanders off into one of the many rooms and stories your mind has created.

I am finding that like anything else, setting side time to meditate and the takes…







Practice being in the moment and really being there.

With yourself.

Your breath.

No stories.

No thoughts.

No to-do list.

Just practice.

Practice quieting the noise of the mind to allow space to connect.

Practice noticing the patterned places and stories your mind gravitates to in an effort to pull you away from the present moment – fear, memory, fantasy, planning, past, future.

Connect to the place of peace that exists within you.

Not outside of you.

Within you.

The place we can so easily gravitate away from with the day-to-day noise and distractions that grab our attention and make us think we may find some form of fulfillment and peace in searching for confirmation, answers or resolution to the current situations distort our version of what or how life should be.

Just sit and be quiet.


Check-in with yourself.

Come back to the place of peace that exists within you.

Try it…you never know what you might hear.

To Growth and Purpose,


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2 thoughts on “Just Be Quiet…And Practice.

  1. Dear Jodi, Thank you for this article, it is both informative and provoking. Two questions, how long do you sit quiet? And how long did it take for you to be ABLE to sit quiet? I often sit and reflect, but I am more comfortable with background music. I am going to add this into my morning devotional time… thanks. P.S. Love the “Check-in with yourself”.



    1. Hello Jane,

      Thank you for your comment. I am so glad you found value for you in the post. The process of wanting to sit quiet took me some time. I had to get to a place where I made the concious decision to build this practice into my day-to-day routine. I started with very small increments (1 minute) and built up from there. Now, I just sit as long as I need to, as time allows :)..in the morning and evening. I think it is great that you have connected to music for your practice. The beauty of practicing is that it can and should be whatever is unique and works for you. And..you can practice anywhere. I hope the new addition to your routine is helpful.

      Take Care,


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