Find Your Focus as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur: A Conversation With Marie Forleo

Do you ever find yourself torn between your many different passions? This is very common among entrepreneurs, and I’m here to deliver some good news.

You don’t have to choose just one of your passions to be successful as an entrepreneur. I know, feel free to exhale.

Multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Does that feel totally aligned with who you feel you are at your very core? Me too. This is a term coined by my fellow entrepreneur queen Marie Forleo back in the day, who is a multi-passionate entrepreneur that built an empire by following her heart and her creative passions.

She started out in business by pursuing her many passions all at once. She was a choreographer and Nike athlete, had five digital programs, coached clients, bartended, and much more.

I’m curious… how many different things are you pursuing right now? Leave me a comment and let me know below!

Tune into the video below, where Marie and I talk about how to find your focus and flow so you can grow your business as a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Marie dives into…

  1. The ultimate question to ask yourself when deciding whether to pursue one interest or embrace your varied talents and interests!
  2. Why and how she worked 7 days a week at the beginning stages of her business
  3. How she knew when to transition to focus on one specific thing

If you get anything out of this, I hope that you, multi-passionate entrepreneur, knows that every idea you have, gift that’s within you to share, and calling on your heart is beautiful! I love that we live in a time when we can weave all that magic into the businesses we build.


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xo Natalie

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