Arianna Huffington on the Purpose of Life and Who Inspires Her

Arianna Huffington Interview

I had the amazing opportunity to be in New York City for the Women: Inspiration and Enterprise Symposium in which I was recognized as one of America’s Next Inspirations, a recognition given to young women showing exceptional leadership.

While I was there I had the incredible privilege to meet and interview Arianna Huffington from the Huffington Post, a woman I really admire. I can’t say enough about how intelligent, gracious, and engaging she is. It was kind of like meeting a super hero! I hope you enjoy the interview!

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13 thoughts on “Arianna Huffington on the Purpose of Life and Who Inspires Her

  1. Wow Natalie, how did you score the interview? I love Arianna. She is so smart and direct with every message she speaks on. I also got a chance to see her on Bill Mahar.

    I have a new book: First Generation White Collar. I believe in teaching college grads how to fish. Arianna Huffington’ book “Third World America” is a great read also!

  2. On the contrary to your introduction, the quality of this interview is fantastic! It’s what Arianna says that makes the quality. This was a fantastic interview, she is inspiring and motivating to continue to grow as women writers, business owners, scholars and bloggers! How amazing to hear her say the women of our generation are who inspire her!

    Truly excellent interview and how incredible to have Arianna Huffington of THE HUFFINGTON POST interviewed on She Takes On The World!

  3. Natalie,

    Congrats on both your honor, and conducting such a fantastic interview! I, too, had a chance to meet and talk with Arianna at a client event last April, and wrote about it here:

    It’s so refreshing to meet women like her, who don’t disappoint, but rather impress. I agree with you, class act. And we need more like her!

  4. First – HUGE kudos Natalie on your very well deserved recognition!!

    Second – Just loved the point Arianna made about how important it is to move from intention to action & how your life takes on a whole different dynamic when your work moves beyond “your career” and into the broader realm of really making a difference. Also loved her continued urging for us workaholics to Get. Some. Sleep. & chill out a bit :). She’s so amazing, thanks for sharing this great interview with us.

  5. Thanks for the comments! It was really nice to discuss the next generation of women with Arianna because she has a lot of faith in the next generation to do things differently and achieve even greater success.

    She definitely is a class act and incredibly captivating to talk to. I was completely mesmerized 🙂

  6. Natalie, I am new to your site and just love it. You are an inspiring woman yourself and should be proud of your accomplishments, especially scoring an interview to Arianna! Great job! I look forward to reading more from She takes on the World!

  7. Natalie, my dear, congratulations on your amazing recognition. You are definitely an inspiration to many women including myself. I am not surprised that you were given the opportunity to interview Ms. Huffington, a lady that I admire as well. You are an amazing young woman in your own right.

    Congrats and continue your passion of empowering women!


  8. @Molly: Thanks Molly, I appreciate having you as a reader and hope to hear more from you in the future.

    @Sylvia: Thanks for your continued support of my career and She Takes on the World!

  9. Natalie, that was a wonderful interview. Congratulations on your award. Congratulations on getting to interview Arianna Huffington, I love her and whenever she is on TV, she is so elegant and inspiring. I love her statement about, do not follow men and work yourself into the ground, find balance and rest! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  10. Thanks for the comment Lisa. That woman is very elegant and so full of wisdom. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to interview her in New York City. I also love what she said about how we have to lead differently than men because I’m such a big believer in that.

  11. Arianna is amazing and definitely up there with one of my fav women mentors! I am so green right now Natalie lol – how COOL!! x Kat

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