The Brady Bunch’s Eve Plumb on Letting Go of Fear and Reinventing

I was thrilled to receive an invitation to attend the off-Broadway comedy, Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage, along with She Takes on the World Editor, Kristen Durkin, while I was in New York. I also had the opportunity to interview the star of the show, Eve Plumb, who you may remember as Jan on The Brady Bunch if you were a fan of the series.

This is what Kristen says about the show:

Miss Abigail, played by the phenomenal Eve Plumb alongside her incredibly talented (and attractive) assistant, Paco (Manuel Herrera) offer hard laughs in this light-hearted comedy. We were sure to have a good time when I was pulled on stage to salsa dance with Paco and later Natalie MacNeil was instructed how to properly flirt and yes ‘properly’ is quite flexible when reflecting upon photos. This highly engaging and very fun Thursday night held more to the plot than just offering quirky dating tips (you can discover your own “dateability” here). It was a budding love story, which you will have to wait and see for yourself. You can use the discount code DATING to get $30 off the price of a ticket if you’re in the NYC area or planning to visit New York.

We may not be theater critics, but we can assure you Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage is a great time!

Here is my interview with Eve Plumb which can be watched in full screen on our newly rebranded She Takes on the World YouTube channel:

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3 thoughts on “The Brady Bunch’s Eve Plumb on Letting Go of Fear and Reinventing

  1. This is a wonderful interview with a woman that has admirably reinvented herself. Many child stars don’t break out beyond that identity so she deserves credit on creating a successful career and personal life as well. As to Natalie MacNeil….beautiful concept not focusing on who Eve Plumb was (Jan Brady) but rather highlighting her ‘reinvention’. Well done!

    1. Thank you for the kind words Kathy! When I was viewing her interviews that promote her new work, every interviewer asked lots of questions about her Brady Bunch days and I thought, “wow it must be frustrating to not get a chance to talk about who you are NOW.” She’s a great example of someone who has let go of her past to reinvent; if only others could stop living in the past.
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  2. ‘Quit being scared’ is such good advice! It took me 58 years to finally act on my dream of living in NYC. Although I will only ‘live’ there for one month this summer (while going to school at Parsons), I plan to make the most of it and walk every square mile of the city. My advice? don’t wait 58 years! 

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