How To Write A Pitch

I was sitting on an airplane recently and the gentleman next to me struck up a conversation that quickly led where many conversations lead: “So what do you do?”

I got straight to the point and went into the business pitch I have prepared. He understood my business right away, and has since made valuable connections to people in his network. Without my concise little pitch, the outcome may have been very different.

Every entrepreneur needs an elevator pitch, and in today’s episode of She Takes on the World TV I’m helping you create one. I’ve won tens of thousands of dollars in cash, in-kind services, and angel funding by winning pitch competitions. I also judge pitch competitions once in awhile so I know all the elements that a fantastic pitch needs.

It’s something you’ll use over and over again, and an A+ pitch isn’t just for those entrepreneurs who are considering raising funding. And who knows, maybe I’ll be seeing you at a pitch competition soon. 😉

Watch the episode, and then scroll down to find out how to win a 1-on-1 Pitch Consulting Session with me to make sure your pitch has what it takes to get a lot of attention for your business (valued at $500):

Okay, now for a challenge in which the winner will be getting a 1-on-1 Pitch Consulting Session with me. Entering is this easy:

– Leave a comment below by July 19th, 2013 and pitch your business in 2 paragraphs or less
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24 thoughts on “How To Write A Pitch

  1. Shared and enjoyed. Thanks for your continued inspiration. The ‘pitch’ thing has been such a struggle for me. So what do I do???
    I’m a Business Strategist, Systems Superstar and Entrepreneurial Diva. I help my clients to create their own Show Stopping Business and Life. I do this by tweaking their Business Plan to suit their passions and skills then helping them to work with my Ditch It, Delegate It, Leverage It and Live It system for getting work done.

    1. I like it Samantha! I think systems is a great niche to focus on, and Systems Superstar sounds great. Growth-oriented entrepreneurs definitely need systems and are willing to pay for someone to help them get systems set up. What’s the most popular package you offer?

  2. I want to start a new path by owning my own life and health coaching business. I seem to ramble on and on about how it’s going to look in a few months and people’s eyes glaze over. I get worried this means it will be miserable for me once I actually have the business up and running! HELP!

    1. I recommend starting by refining your niche and the ideal person you’d like to work with. You can check out my episode of She Takes on the World TV on defining your ideal customer here:

      Then you should move onto creating 2 different packages that people could purchase to work with you, and what’s included. Focus on the getting started part for now and start small. You’ll figure it out as you go, and your business will likely change a lot over the next few months as you define what you really want to be doing.

  3. Hi Natalie, great episode. Exactly where I am at right now! Here’s my attempt, would love your feedback 🙂

    Far too many children slip through the cracks of our education system resulting in social problems like unemployment, poverty, violence, drugs
    and alcohol. Too many children struggle through undiagnosed learning disorders, behavioural and social disadvantage or a lack of funding or support. I don’t have the expertise or resources to provide what these kids need, but I have the passion, management and IT skills to centralise
    all that information for their parents. Parents who are seeking community
    services or professional advice. Parents who are even just looking for fun activities for their kids over the holidays – parties, sports, dance, music, art & craft. Educational gifts and toys. Education is the key to changing the world and for the past 2 years I have been building Blossom from an idea I had while tutoring. It started as a book and became a blog with a small following, self-funded and voluntary. But my dream for Blossom is to become a fully interactive hub, integrated with social media sharing offers, promotions, advice and information from local experts. Starting on a local scale I believe Blossom could become a state or national resource for all parents from all walks of life! The information and subscription to parents must be freely available, but revenue could be raised through businesses signing up to be part of the movement to Make Learning Fun! Every child deserves the right to
    a great education.

    1. Great pitch Louise. My advice would be to refine the niche to start with. For example, maybe you start this for parents just in your state to prove the business model and test to see what works best. I also recommend an MVP (minimum viable product) to start which focuses on one area. So maybe you focus on events first, and keep it state-focused. Then through user feedback you can decide what features to add to the site next. Start small, and build out based on user feedback. I hope this helps 🙂

  4. My company’s name is Jessica Newell Design in which I provide interior organizing and styling services virtually to client’s who need a bit of motivation to tackle updating their space. Basically, we work together to develop a plan of action and I coach them through the tough parts. Think “What Not To Wear” but for your home.

    Currently, I offer 3 packages: Operation Organize in which we get to the heart of their organizational woes, Style My Space in which I provide a design board of new items they can incorporate into their space and we work to achieve a cohesive final look, and the Master Design Plan which is a combo of both for those who desire to overhaul their space.

    1. Love it Jessica! Your pitch gives me a very clear idea of what you do. And I like keeping it simple with just 3 packages. I think it’s a good business move to clearly outline a few different ways people can work with you. Too many people have a “Contact me for services” form on their website, and that deters many people from ever working with them.

  5. I offer “Smart Solutions for Busy Moms” on my blog – tips, tricks, and ideas to help solve the challenges and chaos of motherhood, while having more fun too! I educate and entertain while offering real advice that moms can use every day.

    I’m in the process of starting a new blog – I’ve had some really amazing success over the past 2 years since starting my blog as a business, and I’d love to share what I’ve learned. The new site will be all about blogging and online business tips for moms like me who are trying to rock a their business while balancing life with kids.

    Next is a travel blog – The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful area – and I want to offer information on seeing different sites and attractions, targeted towards families traveling with children. You’ll be able to find family-friendly restaurants, learn what kid-friendly features are available at different hotels, and learn whether a theme park or attraction is appropriate for different age groups.

    1. Hi Meagan 🙂 When do you plan on launching the new sites? I think busy mom entrepreneurs is a good niche. What kind of product or service offering will you have? Is the travel blog something you’re doing a side project or will that be a business too, and what will the product offering be there?

      1. Hi Natalie! Well – summer is just craaaazy this year! I am booked solid until late August. So I’m thinking that September and October are a good time to really focus on getting my new sites off of the ground.

        For now, the travel site will be more of a side project – but I’ll still monetize it with ads and affiliates. The blogging tips site will of course be fully optimized to earn an income. In the future I’d really like the travel site to get off the ground really well – I do plan for it to be a part of my overall business strategy. And I can imagine some ebooks coming along with that too.

  6. Just the other day I’ve talked with a friend of mine how important it’ll be to have an elevator-pitch. While driving home with my car some ideas came up…

    Karin Weiss, entrepreneur, mother & consultant for passionate career women seeking more fun and success in their business.

    1. Hi Karin, glad this came at a good time then! I would get a little more niche focused than career women, for example, do you target only entrepreneurs or women in the corporate world too? “Career women” can sometimes be interpreted as meaning women in the corporate world. If you are focusing on women entrepreneurs, can you get more specific than that? For example, could you focus on mom entrepreneurs? That’s still a big niche and you could probably refine it even more. This will help you get super focused on your product and service offerings too!

      1. Dear Natalie, wow – thanks for your answer and input!!! Maybe the translation was not well considered. Who I’m supporting is women entrepreneurs – essentially female solopreneurs (but there’s no “nice” word in German for – it’s “Einzelunternehmerinnen” ;-)). The clients I already have are solopreneurs, more or less quite at the beginning of their journey. But with my articles and products I’m also talking to women who stuck with their business.

        1. Einzelunternehmerinnen?!?!? My goodness, that IS difficult!!! 😉 You mention people who are “stuck” which is great. Maybe you should focus on getting entrepreneurial women unstuck, and past whatever hurdle they are facing.

          1. Natalie, this is such a great starting-point to figure out, what I’m really doing. thank you so much!!

  7. Thank you Natalie, helpful video. Do you have any sites you can recommend for finding a great copywriter?

    1. This is always tough for me because whenever I try to book a copywriter that has been recommended to me they are always booked for months! For example, I adore Alexandra Franzen but her waiting list is months long!

  8. I know this post is old but I figured I would leave my pitch although I am not currently looking for funding. I am actually working on a new site that is targeted at my ideal client.

    I am Ashley of Auto Carrier Group. As an auto relocation consultant, you can hire me to help make your job relocation move painless. If you are thinking to yourself, that life’s too short for boring car shipping options, I’m your girl. I offer one all inclusive package that handles every aspect of relocating your automobile to your new location, so you can get a “jump start” on your new life. It’s so much more than car shipping, experience the freedom…

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